Nobody Does Black Better Than Catwoman A.K.A. Zoë Kravitz

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My mother has a serious abhorrence towards my wardrobe. Why? Because more than half of its inhabitants are black. From t-shirts to pants to dresses and shirts, I’m trapped in a cycle of buying noir pieces and honestly, I don’t see that changing any time soon (sorry mom), especially after noticing how Zoë Kravitz is owning this colour right now (she plays Catwoman, btw). From head to toe ensembles in black and the signature smirk on her chiseled face (which is contoured by the gods), I’m in literal awe.

Kravitz, who also happens to be YSL’s favourite muse currently, seems to be handling her burgeoning popularity in the most spectacular way possible. Here, she’s seen attending the France leg of Batman’s promotions in a classic YSL trench, finished off with generous lashings of gloss and black oval sunnies. She could literally wear a t-shirt with creases or holes and I’d still stan.


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Back again serving us some YSL chic is this straight-cut, underboob peekaboo red carpet moment. The scalloped edge detail at the neckline is instructing me to run straight to the movie theatre and book tickets for Batman. So, good job to the stylist and designers on the undercover visual messaging!

And finally, for the NYC premiere, Oscar de la Renta surprisingly made the cut as Zoë decided to don a a custom black velvet, laced corset column gown. Spotlight on the kitty panel inserts and the micro bangs- is there an instance where she hasn’t delivered? Nailed it yet again.

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Also, what’s up with all A-listers picking up theatrical elements and translating them into their movie premiere outfits? Zendaya for Spiderman, Angelina Jolie for Eternals and now Zoë for Batman. Not complaining though, it’s a welcome trend, just surprised at the expansive nature of this new practice.


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The 33-year-old High Fidelity alum also featured on the cover of ELLE USA’s April 2022 edition in a black catsuit by (drumroll please): YSL. The midriff-baring keyhole and the flower element did well in terms of building a focal point and adding some freshness to the look.
After thorough trendspotting, we’ve also noticed that this season’s Fall 2022 shows had such ultra-sexy, body-hugging, femme fatale noir looks in abundance. Let’s have a look:

Dion Lee


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Sheer lace underneath a leather corset- never knew a duo like this would deliver, but it did and how!



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Definitely looks like something Kim Kardashian would wear given her current proclivities towards dressing up in fully covered homochromatic outfits.

David Koma


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Brb, on my way to creating a fan page for this goth meets punk, party girl corset and side slit skirt. Can’t go wrong with this set- like ever.

Nensi Dojaka


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The LVMH 2021 prize winner could literally trademark the colour black and I’m convinced there’d be zero uproar in the masses.

Gabriela Hearst

This look screams Catwoman on mission owning business per usual but with her own noir interpretation.

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