Celebrating Lipstick Day With Lakmé’s Lip Treasures: An Affair Where Hues Meet Hearts


Our beauty calendar alert just popped up – pucker up ladies, it is Lipstick Day! Today, we’re rolling out the red carpet, quite literally, to celebrate the most fabulous and colourful day of the year. So, get ready to paint the town in shades that you love the best on your lips.

For centuries, women across the globe have indulged in a torrid love affair with lipsticks, transforming not only their looks but also their moods. And in the midst of this captivating romance, one brand has carved its own niche, winning hearts with its exquisite creations – it is of course Lakmé. Did you know that your make-up vanity star aka your favourite lipstick made its debut in India with Lakmé? Yep, from the moment this beauty maven made its debut, it was evident that something magical was about to happen. And boy, did it deliver!

So in the spirit of celebrating this day, let’s take a moment to cherish the timeless appeal of the wondrous world of lipstick love and explore some of Lakmé’s latest lip treasures that have been capturing the hearts of women everywhere.


Imagine a lipstick that delivers the bold, matte look you crave while feeling as light as air on your lips. It may sound like a fairy tale, but Lakmé’s Absolute Sheer Lip Mousse brings this fantasy to life in this lipstick with a cushiony, mousse-like texture that’s whipped to perfection.

As you glide this weightless wonder on your lips, you’ll be treated to rich pigments that lend a bolder coverage in just one stroke. But that’s not all – beneath its airy exterior lies the goodness of cocoa butter, ensuring your lips stay nourished and pampered. And with 12 shades tailored for the Indian skin tone, you’ll find your perfect match to add that dose of oomph to any occasion.

Priming and Shining with 9 TO 5 PRIMER + SHINE LIPSTICK

In a fast-paced world, every moment counts, and your lipstick shouldn’t be an exception. Enter Lakmé’s 9 to 5 Primer + Shine Lipstick – a multitasking gem that primes, moisturises, and shines to perfection. Available in 15 luminous shades, this lightweight satin finish formula is the ultimate beauty sidekick, leaving your lips feeling pampered and looking radiant.

The vibrant shades are infused with intense shine, adding that extra touch of glamour to your every move. Whether you’re heading to work or hitting the town for a night out, this revolutionary lipstick ensures you’re always ready to shine.


For those who love a perfect dewy glow that leaves an impression, Lakmé’s Absolute Satin Skin Dew Lipstick is a must-try. But this lipstick is more than just a pretty product – it’s infused with lip-loving ingredients like avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, offering a moisturizing and hydrating experience with every application. Glide it on, and you’ll revel in its buttery texture, leaving your lips feeling luxuriously pampered.

With a single stroke, this lipstick works its magic, leaving you with a dewy, glistening satin finish that’s simply mesmerising. Whether you’re stepping into a grand gala or enjoying a casual day out, the Absolute Satin Skin Dew Lipstick in all its 15 shades of love will make you feel like the star you are.

As we celebrate this Lipstick Day, let’s tip our hats to Lakmé for redefining the way we adorn our lips. Oh, how we admire their dedication to offering a kaleidoscope of shades, carefully curated to suit the radiant Indian skin tone! The brand understands that beauty comes in all colours, and they have crafted lip treasures that make every woman feel like the goddess she truly is.

So on that note, today, let’s celebrate the colourful magic that graces our pouts, transforming us into the bold, confident, and fierce beings we were meant to be. May your lips forever dazzle with confidence and grace! Happy Lipstick Day!

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