Celebrating Two Years of Amala Earth and Articulating the Philosophy behind Earth-friendly Living

Amala Earth

Amala Earth is a one-of-a-kind marketplace for earth-friendly and eco-friendly products that are curated towards enabling conscious and mindful living. The platform has made remarkable impact in the two years since its inception. By delivering alternative solutions for sustainable living, Amala Earth has been linked to being a driving force in creating change in consumer behavioural patterns and initiating mindful conversations towards an earth-friendly lifestyle.

Celebrating its second anniversary on 22nd April, which interestingly, coincides with Earth Day, the brand resonates with the thought that ‘the language of the earth is the language of love!’ It’s about the ripple effect, akin to throwing a pebble in a pond, where small earth-friendly actions can create a difference. When an entire community adopts these changes, the effects have far-reaching benefits, thereby enabling a meaningful change.

Earth-friendly gift box featuring pure cotton serviettes with rings

Amala Earth acts as a stimulant towards steering conscious consumer choices and places an emphasis on a value-based community of like-minded individuals, who embrace an earth-friendly lifestyle and in turn, impact their families and the society at large – baby steps towards giant strides!

If one is embarking on this journey towards mindfulness, then it’s easy to shop from a one-stop marketplace that meets all your needs across myriad categories that include mindful eating, conscious fashion, clean beauty and makeup, artisanal home décor, purposeful gifting options, kids’ curations and so much more. That’s what Amala Earth has achieved by selling over 60,000 products under the aegis of nearly 600 brands housed within the platform that brings a seamless shopping experience within easy reach.

Therapeutic hair oil enriched with Ayurvedic herbs

At Amala Earth, responsible choices are supported, and transformation is embraced. The platform values the authenticity of locally produced products that are mindful alternatives to the products we use at home and in our surroundings. The Amala Earth app enables a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience while furthering the conversation about earth-friendly living and bringing together a like-minded community of synergised mindsets.

Amala Earth derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘amal,’ which means ‘clean and pure.’ Accordingly, the brand philosophy articulates the premise of becoming the voice of everything earth-friendly.

Hand embroidered blush and ecru-hued linen saree with blouse

Founded in 2021 by Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Amala Earth brings together a diverse range of unique brands and products under one roof, while supporting and promoting local farmers, artisans, and ancillary community clusters that are women-driven and rooted in tradition to produce handcrafted, handwoven, and handmade products. Amala Earth is synonymous with the ethos of eco-friendly and sustainable living, whilst emphasising on biodegradable packaging, wellness-oriented products, locally sourced materials, natural materials, and so on in order to offer a purely authentic and meaningful set of curations across a wide spectrum of lifestyle, health, wellness, beauty and gifting products. 

Organic cotton jacket

As the founder of Amala Earth, Gunjan Jindal Poddar opines, “Over the last two decades, I found myself reflecting even more deeply on my lifestyle. Having always observed my choices, I felt the time had come to share what I had learnt. Since transformation is a word that’s close to my heart, I embraced it wholeheartedly, slowly but steadily. I explored natural fabrics for my wardrobe, eco-friendly choices for my children, biomaterials for my home, and a wholesome, plant-based diet to nourish myself and my family. Quite effortlessly, this gave fire to a little spiritual light from within, which gave me a deep sense of peace – a connection to myself and a rekindling of my relationship with nature. The transformation had happened. Eventually came the calling, Amala Earth. Through the world of Amala Earth, I seek to gently introduce the way to conscious living and grow a community of like-minded people.”

Blue ombre naturally dyed organic cotton dress

Thus, Amala Earth was born after a deep reflection of personal preferences and lifestyles and how every decision we take impacts our green footprint. As conscious and conscientious individuals, who are geared towards creating a positive impact on our natural resources, a good start is by monitoring our consumption patterns, and ensuring that we make the correct choices. It’s all about making every day earth-friendly and with Amala Earth, the journey becomes easier!

Clean beauty hamper for summer skincare rituals

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