Let These 10 Celebrity Nail Art Designs Inspire You To Ditch The Mundane Manicures


With Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut mani taking over our feeds and ‘nailfies’ having a moment, it’s no secret that after fashion and makeup, Hollywood is on its way to influence your manicure as well. From Jennifer Lopez’s minimal but impactful nail art to Lizzo’s OTT stiletto acrylics, your favourite celebrities are rocking some stunning sets on Instagram. Want nails just like them? Here are 10 celebrity manicures that you can bookmark for your next salon appointment.

Celebrity Manicures

1. Lizzo


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Bringing back reflective glitter from beauty purgatory, Lizzo invites you to “do your hair toss, check your nails and feel good as hell.” It may show up like any other glitter manicure in natural light but when exposed to direct flash or sunlight, it flares up creating a stunning crushed diamond effect.

2. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber likes her skin and nails like she likes her donuts— glazed. Get the glow by applying a coat of soft white polish topped with chrome dust for that frosted finish. If the milky white doesn’t tickle your fancy, opt for other subtle colours like baby pink, periwinkle or butter yellow.

3. Selena Gomez

Taking the clean girl route with a non-nonsense solid colour manicure, Selena Gomez’s latest coffin-shaped set is dipped in the sweet hue of lavender. Want more minimalist manicure inspo? Click here.

4. Jennifer Lopez

If a tattoo with the initials of your significant other is too much of a commitment for you, let Jennifer Lopez inspire you to get some #couplegoals nail art instead with her Jen and Ben manicure.

5. Meghan Fox And MGK


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Couples who get matching manicures together, stay together. Follow the footsteps of Megan and MGK and dip all your nails in metallic silver or just the tips for silver chrome french tips.

6. Ananya Panday

Reminding us of a starry night sky, Ananya Panday’s cat eye nails are purr-fect for all your late-night parties. Inspired by the mesmerizing pupil slits in actual feline eyes, cat eye nails are characterised by a hypnotic depth and velvety finish created using magnetized nail polish.

7. Harry Styles


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New research by nail product supplier Naio Nails has named singer Harry Styles as one of the top celebrities of 2022 for nail art inspiration, and rightly so. I mean, who else can pair mini red heart nail art with an OTT heart-printed t-shirt and still manage to steal all our hearts?

8. Kendall Jenner


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Kendall Jenner’s vacation nails go beyond the pastel fruity tones. Flipping the script, Kendall goes for a short, square manicure with abstract flame-like designs and mismatched dots using cream, red, and black polish.

9. Shay Mitchell


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Shay Mitchell’s nails may look like a clean nude from the top, but the bottom reveals a stunning red synonymous with Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole shoes.

10. Vanessa Hudgens

Adding a Barbiecore twist to chrome nails, Vanessa Hudgens opts for a matte-and-metallic mani featuring a hot pink flame to bring in some maximalist energy and let the nails do all the talking.


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