7 Cherry Fragrances That Are All Types Bold, Sweet And Enchanting

Cherry Fragrances

My fascination with cherries didn’t begin with the actual fruit, funnily. Lana del Rey, every Tumblr girl’s favourite artist, released ‘Cherry’ and I was hooked the minute I heard it. So much so that I ended up getting a pair of cherries tattooed on me. Followed by my love for cherry pies and cherry cola, cherry fragrances are my current favourite and here’s why you must try the scent too.

When we think of fruity fragrances, citrus and berry scents are everyone’s first choice. Somehow, cherry fragrances don’t even make it to the line! However, cherry fragrances are quite the cherry on top when the memo is sultry, revitalising and magical. A powerful scent which has the ability to transform into a sweet and seductive one, cherry fragrances deserve an equal spot in our fragrance wardrobe.

Here are our picks for cherry fragrances that need to be on your shelves if you’re convinced to buy one.

Kayali LoveFest Burning Cherry

A personal favourite that’s been the reason for innumerable compliments, Kayali’s LoveFest Burning Cherry is a sweet yet gourmand fragrance. Kayali’s founder, Mona Kattan describes it as beautiful, hypnotic and intense enough to light your soul on fire. With top notes of cherry, bergamot and raspberry; praline, Damask rose and Jasmine sambac at heart and base notes of Palo Santo, Guaiac Wood and patchouli— LoveFest Burning Cherry is a woody twist to a fruit scent.

Dior Rouge Trafalgar

Cherry Fragrances

Fruity-floral fragrances never disappoint. Dior’s Rouge Trafalgar was created to celebrate the vivid designs at Christian Dior’s haute couture shows. Top notes of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and mandarin orange along, middle notes of black currant and grapefruit intertwine and base notes of musk and patchouli make for an intense fragrance with sweet fruit notes.

Les Fleurs du Golfe Cherry Of Cashmere

A strong fruity fragrance that’s known to linger, Cherry Of Cashmere by Les Fleurs du Golf allows cherries to dominate the scent and how! Cherry and mandarin orange as top notes mix with patchouli at heart and base notes of vanilla and amber—the result is an oriental scent with a perfect blend of spicy and fruity notes.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Yes, we know Tom Ford perfumes can burn a serious hole in the pocket, but we look at them as vanity investments! Iconic in its own right, Lost Cherry by Tom Ford is a unisex amber floral fragrance that will make you fall in love with cherry fragrances. Top notes of black cherry, liquor and bitter almond blend with middle notes of sour cherry, plum and Turkish rose along with base notes of vanilla, Tonka beans and cinnamon amongst a few. A spicy and fruity scent, Lost Cherry shows us that all the best scents display a dichotomy.

Guerlain Cherry Oud


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Guerlain’s brand new launch, Cherry Oud is a unisex leather fragrance created by the legendary Delphine Jelk. If woody and floral scents enchant you, this one makes for an ‘unforgettable’ scent. The top notes of cherry make a strong statement while the middle notes of Turkish and Bulgarian rose add a floral touch along with base notes of leather and agarwood that make it a complete scent and one to suit every mood.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense Eau de Parfum

A cult-favourite, Bombshell Intense continued to be a hot-seller ever since its launch. With top notes of cherry layered with red peony at heart and vanilla at base, it’s a sweet scent with a touch of glam. Touted as one of Victoria’s Secret’s long-lasting fragrances, this red bottle is quite the looker.

Mancera Wild Cherry

A potent fruity fragrance, Mancera’s Wild Cherry showcases the might of the tiny cherry! Strong top notes of cherry, bergamot and lemon with middle notes of patchouli, jasmine and heliotrope blend seamlessly with base notes of Madagascar vanilla and white musk. Bold, rebellious and striking was the assignment and Wild Cherry understood it.

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