Chitrangada Singh plays rapid fire with ELLE


It’s been a while since Chitrangada Singh’s face has crossed our screens, but the global launch of lace apparel brand Intrika remedied that. Dressed in a regal red and black number with a lacy trail, Singh looked every inch the showstopper that she was. We caught up with the actor before her walk for a quick round of rapid fire:

ELLE: What have you got your eye on from the new Intrika collection?

Chitrangada Singh: The lace lehengas are beautifully traditional. And I love what I am wearing currently! It doesn’t look very heavy, like the usual Indian saris, but it’s very traditional.

ELLE: Your first sari was gifted to you by… 

CS: My mom for my class 12th graduation ceremony.

ELLE: One thing you always do before walking the ramp?

CS: Check all the pins! I have a lot of them on me and I will be checking if they are in place.

ELLE: What’s the one sari hack that you’ve learned on the job?

CS: Your pleats don’t always have to be in the center; you can adjust them to the left or the right as per your comfort. Today, I have worn mine slightly to the right and it makes the sari look different; a little more modern and the drape falls better.

ELLE: The last thing you Googled was…

CS: The American elections… and we’re ‘trumped’. And of course, we are trumped at home as well, with all the Rs 1,000 notes being discontinued.

ELLE: The last lie you said was…

CS: Who I voted for!

ELLE: One thing people don’t know about you…

CS: I like to sketch horses and charcoals. It’s a long way to go but I love the art form. You could call me a struggling artist, I guess.

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