Chloe’s Nomade Naturelle Celebrates the Merging of Cultures and the Poetry of Encounters

Chloe FI

Marilyn Monroe once said ‘There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent’. And we can all agree that it’s not easy to pick ‘the scent’ for you. Our choice of fragrance conveys emotions, so many of us are on the lookout for something that smells like serenity, adventure, and freedom. We’re driven by the allure of ‘elsewhere’ and our hunt to find the scent for ‘the nomad within’ introduced us to Chloe’s Nomade Naturelle

This brand-new Chloe’s line is a gourmand jasmine fragrance composed by perfumer Caroline Dumur, inspired by new horizons and a penchant for adventure. It celebrates the merging of culture and ‘poetry of encounters’, painting the picture of the beautiful Egyptian sunset with a refreshing breeze. Launched in 2022, this new blend is 100% vegan, it combines luxury with the willingness to contribute to social and environmental responsibility.

Chloe Perfume

What this exquisite fragrance smells like…

Nomade Naturalle emanates the notes of Egyptian Jasmine, which were responsibly harvested and hand-picked at sunrise exuding an intoxicatingly rich fragrance. Adding to the top notes are Dates and Mirabelle giving it a touch of smooth sweetness, followed by Vanilla and Sandalwood to weave a cozy, warm and addictive base. The perfume gives you an aromatic experience that transports your senses to a place where your nomad soul wants to be. 

The beauty is in the package that it comes in too, inspired by nature, the bottle of Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum comes in ochre tones that evoke sand, raw minerals, and the sun in zenith. The braid, around the neck of the bottle, also engraved in glass as a motif, represents the bonds created through travel and exciting encounters. Everything from the elegant scent to the well-designed bottle perfectly captures the spirit of a wandering soul.

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Authentic and eco-conscious at heart…

Joining the sustainability crusade, the fashion house founded by Gaby Aghion is now committed to an eco-responsible approach with the B-corp label. This new launch in the line of their signature Naturelle collection is totally vegan and organic, which suits all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

The perfume honors the environment in every aspect and was formulated without any artificial colorants or animal-derived ingredients. Even the natural components used were ethically sourced by Chloe as they worked with their two trusted suppliers in procuring 100% pure and natural extracts of Jasmines from Egypt. Even the packaging for the fragrance was re-designed using recycled materials, 15% for the glass bottle and 40% for the cardboard box that comes from sustainably managed forests.

These producers are committed to their sustainable ambitions and have implemented solid initiatives to create and maintain a healthy work environment, improving the living conditions of local communities. They actively support girls’ education & women’s employment too. 

The revelation of this aromatic adventure…

For their advertising campaign, the Parisian house brought on board none other than Alladin’s Jasmine herself. Yes, that’s right, Naomi Scott was chosen to be the face of Chloe’s new Nomade line. The British singer, actress, and producer was born and raised in the confluence of several cultures and perfectly embodies the spirit of a nomad to represent the brand, and we couldn’t agree more. The beautiful campaign was shot by Zoë Ghertner, who aced in her photographic depiction of a collective adventure. You can see Naomi with several other women amidst dunes wearing the similar braided bracelets as the brand’s signature motif portraying the bonds that tie them together.


Your fragrance is more than a perfume, it is an expression of your aura. And if you are looking for a signature scent that resonates with your ever exploring soul, then look no more!  This captivating perfume is now available in India. It comes in bottle units of 50 ml, priced at INR 8400, and 75 ml, priced at INR 10,600. So, add it to your shopping cart and embark on a new exciting journey with Nomade Naturelle

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