Claw Clips Are Trendy RN, Here Are 7 Ways To Style Them

Bid adieu to headaches from stiff hair ties because claw clips have officially made a comeback! Bigger, chicer and smarter, the Y2K accessory has been ushered in by fashion girls like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa. Fashion influencers on the ‘gram also seem to love these fuss-free clips – it is versatile and can be styled with a range of all hair types and lengths. The clips do not put unnecessary pressure on your roots. Their seemingly casual nature makes them the ideal daytime accessory; here’s how to style them.

1. Streetstyle Chic

This modern updo falls between elegant and unfinished, courtesy of the claw clip that helps achieve the effortless styling vibe. Start by twisting all your hair with your index finger; bring it up, tuck the ends inside and hold it together with the claw clip.

ELLE tip: For all the curly hair girls, use some texturizing mousse throughout your hair for a better grip.  

2. Half Up Half Down

No matter the hair length or the haircut, half up and half down style will come in handy for emergencies. Gather the top half section of your hair and secure it with a claw clip. Another modified version of this look is that you twist the top half of the hair into a bun and secure it with a clip. To make the style dressier, add loose waves with a straightener to amp up the volume.

3. Baby Braids


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We love the face-framing quality of baby braids. They look adorable, are so easy to create and let you wear your mane down without worrying about hair on your face. Take two small sections of hair from both sides, braid them and secure them with the cute mini clips.

4. French Bun

French girls know how to do causal hair best, and claw clips are their choice of accessory to achieve these looks. Work in softening serum into your lengths and secure all of your hair on the crown. Loosen the bun near the nape of your neck to get the classic Parisian look.

5. Double Dutch 


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Tie a french or a dutch braid on the sides, and instead of fastening it with an elastic, use a claw clip to attach to your roots. If you’re feeling a little more cheerful, you can let some tendrils of hair loose in the front. Use a straightener to curl it up a little, frame your face and make it look messy yet still graceful. 

ELLE tip: You can also use multiple tiny clips and clasp them between the braid.

6. Horsetail Updo

This hairdo is ideal for keeping your hair off your neck on a busy day. Work in some shine-boosting oil into the lengths and twist it from the middle. Use a claw clip to secure it in the middle, and let a portion of your tresses dangle over the clip.

Elle tip: For girls with thicker hair, use a hair tie first to tie a pony to stop your big mane from dismantling on top.

7. Braid Top


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Claw clips can be used as just an accent to an otherwise structured hairstyle. Create a low, regular braid and use a claw clip to cinch the top to add chic detail to the look. You can even move the clip to the bottom, add a smaller size to the braid in addition to securing it with a hair tie.

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