Clinikally’s Digital Health Approach & Rx-Grade Products create New Buzz in Skincare

Clinikally Products

Self-care feels good – but it is more effective when backed by science! Dr. Guneet Bedi -Dermatologist agrees that trends in 2022 are moving towards an ingredient-based approach in dermatology. One of the newest kids on the block, the Y Combinator-backed digital health platform Clinikally, is bridging the pandemic gap to make ingredient-focused and science-backed skincare and haircare in India accessible to all.

Founded just under a year ago, Clinikally is offering a personalized browsing experience to every user. As a healthcare platform in India, it encompasses much more than just skincare products. By providing a one-stop solution for everything related to skin, hair, and wellness, Clinikally is paving the way as India’s first digital clinic for dermatology.

Cosmeceuticals on Clinikally’s platform are Rx-grade products carefully curated by dermatologists based solely on their efficacy and safety. Cosmeceuticals continue to rise in popularity as they combine the look and feel of cosmetics with the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medicines. Being safe for most skin types, including sensitive skin, cosmeceuticals do not require a prescription. By treating underlying conditions associated with skin and hair, they provide unsurpassed results!

When browsing on Clinikally, you can discover products that cater to skin, hair, and nutrition. Leading brands such as Peltos and Clinikally pay careful attention to the technologies used for product development which improve product penetration and have no side effects, thereby ensuring compliance. In fact, sleep face masks from Peltos are an innovative way to boost skin health through the benefits of Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, and retinol.

Clinikally’s line of skin and hair-related products is another game changer! The products are formulated by dermatologists using patented, next-generation technology sourced from Europe and USA. According to Dr. Guneet Bedi – Dermatologist, this endeavour will help to make premium-grade skincare and haircare more accessible with long-term compliance. Clinikally’s products provide effective, affordable, and scientific solutions through proven ingredients in a Niacinamide Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Anti-Hair Loss Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Foaming Face Wash, Pigmentation Cream, along with a unique sunscreen formulation and more skin and hair care products in the pipeline.

One of the useful features for users on Clinikally is its AI-based recommendation system. It generates smart recommendations for cosmeceuticals based on the past purchases of every individual user and their browsing history on Clinikally. A comprehensive and real-time database of product and dermatology-related information enables these smart recommendations on Clinikally.

Dr. Guneet Bedi -Dermatologist observed that these personalized suggestions were always more targeted solutions suited for the specific skin type and concern. With dermatological advice accessible easily at the fingertips, she agrees that the experience is more like visiting a dermatology clinic rather than an online store. You get a clinic-like experience and the benefits that come with it – while enjoying the comfort and convenience of home!

For more personalized advice related to skin, hair, and overall wellness, you can also do a video consult with a dermatologist on Clinikally. After filling out a quick questionnaire and selecting your problems from a list of concerns, you can pick any date and time slot you want. By allowing users to connect with a dermatologist in under 30 minutes, Clinikally is making expert-level dermatology affordable and accessible to all!

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