ELLE Exclusive: Triptii Dimri, Clinique’s New Brand Ambassador Talks About Relationship With Her Skin And Navigating Criticism


Oily skin has been the bane of my existence. I’ve struggled with large pores, uninvited whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples ever since. Let’s not forget the amount of blotting papers we have to carry and the copious quantities of powder we need to dab so that our face doesn’t look like you’ve made fries on it. Having had oily skin, I’d skip moisturiser because I believed in the myth that it made your skin oilier than usual. Discovering the iconic Moisture Surge from Clinique changed all of that for me.

This product has been a cult favourite in the beauty community ever since its launch. I’ve had the opportunity to try out at least 50 odd moisturisers, probably more. However, the one moisturiser that has had a constant spot on my shelf is Clinique’s Moisture Surge. However, the brand also has a repertoire of effective skincare and high-performance makeup products which quite regularly hit the mark. The brand recently announced Triptii Dimri, the talented actress, as their newest brand ambassador. Embodying the brand’s belief of being authentic to yourself, there’s no one better than Tripti to represent it. We sat down with her as she took us through her association with Clinique, her skincare routine and what navigating through negativity is like—

ELLE: Tell us a little about your association with Clinique.

Tripti Dimrii (TD): I feel like this is a very special association since my beliefs align with the Clinique’s philosophy seamlessly. I am someone who deeply believes in being real. Beauty lies in acceptance, in being honest, in being the most authentic version of yourself while owning your flaws instead of hiding them—that’s what Clinique has always stood for.

Skincare is of utmost importance to me, you will figure this out as we chat more, which is why my first campaign with the Even Better Clinical Foundation is special. I feel that it is a brand that lets you choose, accept, and love yourself. It is something that the world needs, especially young girls. So being the brand ambassador for Clinique is a dream come true. 

ELLE: What is your skincare routine like?

TD: I have a basic four-step skincare routine that I follow in the morning. I begin by washing my face with a gentle cleanser because products with harsh chemicals tend to cause a terrible reaction to my sensitive skin. After this, I incorporate a vitamin C serum because it gives my skin a natural glow. I follow it with Clinique Moisture Surge. Since I have oily skin, its lightweight, gel-like texture is absolutely perfect for me. I finish my routine off with SPF which I never leave the house without. However, even if you are home, apply SPF. 

When it comes to my night-time skincare routine, it’s very similar to my morning one. The only switch I make is using a heavier moisturiser so I wake up with plump and radiant skin.

ELLE: Your films and TV shows feature some stunning beauty looks. Which one was your favourite and why?

TD: It is honestly so difficult to pick one particular look! I love each and every look that has been created, whether it is Layla, Majnu, Bulbul or Qala. I love the fact that all the looks are incredibly unique and my team somehow managed to make me look like an entirely different person for each character I have played so far.

But if I absolutely must pick one, it would be Bulbul. I have always been fascinated by the Bengali culture and Bengali women, and I feel that they’re extremely beautiful. The way they dress up, the jewellery they adorn, the make-up they out, and the way they carry themselves–it fascinates me. My team did a wonderful job in creating the look for Bulbul.

ELLE: How do you navigate criticism and negativity?

TD: I navigate criticism by trying not to focus on it too much and not connecting my self-worth to it. It is important for all of us to keep a check on ourselves constantly. Most importantly, I can’t stress enough on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are honest and genuine. Luckily, I have a family and a set of friends who are extremely honest and transparent with me about all of the decisions I make.

There will always be people who criticise you and try to pull you down. It is a part of an actor’s life to deal with constant criticism and negativity. I cannot avoid it or escape it; the only way to maintain my sanity is by knowing that these comments don’t define me. What defines me is how I feel about myself and the work that I do.

ELLE: What has your relationship with your skin been like?


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TD: I have always been very particular about what I put on my skin from the very beginning. Skincare always intrigued me as a kid too, I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve experimented with DIYs. Back in the lockdown, I had a lot of time to kill so I began to explore skincare a little more. In the last two or three years I’ve really gotten into it. 

I make sure that I don’t skip my skincare no matter what. Even on days when I’m exhausted, I’ll still wash my face and apply moisturiser. Earlier, even the tiniest breakout on my skin would freak me out and I would do everything to make it disappear. But now I don’t bother too much. Now even if I get a pimple, I know it’s going to be there for a couple of days and just disappear then. So I’d like to say that my relationship with my skin has improved slowly with time.

ELLE: What is one beauty hack that you’ve been keeping a secret from us?

TD: It is not a secret; I think most people have been doing it for a while. I always rub ice cubes on my face. It makes me feel so refreshed and it really helps tighten your skin, get rid of wrinkles and also increases blood flow to the area which is always a good thing. So yes, that is something that I do on a regular basis.

ELLE: What are a few skincare products that we’ll always find in your bag?

TD: My Clinique Moisture Surge is always in my bag, no matter where I’m going. I also always have SPF on me at all times. I make it a point to apply SPF at least three times when I’m out in the sun. Lastly my lip balm. I do not like my lips to feel dry, so I always keep it handy I have phases. 

ELLE: You enjoy a pop of colour on your lips. What is the one hue you enjoy wearing and why?


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TD: Sometimes I like going for bold and dark lips. I really like bright red because I think that this colour is powerful enough to carry the entire makeup look. Sadly, I can’t sport these bold looks on a regular basis. For a regular day, I enjoy using a pink lip colour because it’s versatile enough to suit my multiple outfit changes throughout the day. 

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