Comfy Workwear Outfits For Every Mood With LIVA Fabrics


It’s a proven psychological fact that your choice of clothing can affect your mood. The colour, print, silhouette, and fitting play a huge role. Oftentimes, we tend to neglect a big factor while choosing clothes—the fabric. In most cases, inexpensive outfits are usually made from synthetic materials that cause irritation on wearing, which only makes us unhappy. So why not choose comfy clothing for all occasions, especially workwear?

The lockdown period has spoilt us even more as we had the liberty to wear our PJs while working from home. However, now that offices have started, transitioning into workwear might be a little difficult. If you’re on the lookout to find stylish formal to semi-formal attire for your workplace made from beautiful fabric, choose a brand that offers outfits made from thoughtfully fashionable fabrics such as LIVA. Its soft, fluid fabric is an instant mood uplifter and what’s even better is that it’s eco-friendly, which brings you a step closer to becoming a conscious consumer. From dresses to kurtas and more, here are our top workwear picks made from LIVA fabric.

Fluid Palazzos FTW
Day To Night Look Done Right
The Blues You’ll Be Okay With
For The Quirks
Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact
Saree Not Sorry
Classics Never Go Wrong
The One That ‘Stole’ The Show
Got an important presentation for a meeting? Make an impression by opting for these bright coloured high-waisted palazzos. The softness and breathability of the pants will make you feel comfortable and confident. Pair it with a solid-coloured top, throw on a blazer and finish the look with stilettos and dainty accessories.
Outfit details: Mustard Yellow Solid Wide Leg Liva Palazzos, Go Colors
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