These 8 Conscious Labels Welcome You To The Realm Of Guilt-Free Fashion

I might have a hoarding problem. There, I said it. But, the question is, is it just me? Or is it every fellow Gen-Z? Well, trying to dodge my chances of generalising I’d go on to say it’s probably everyone who gets easily “influenced”. We are a generation that’s caught up in the whirlwind of social media influenced by micro trends (beauty and fashion) and self-proclaimed fashion icons. In the pursuit of staying relevant and trendy, I’ve amassed a collection of jewellery and clothing that fills my wardrobe up to the brim!

The result? I still have nothing to wear! Shopping is therapeutic to me, nights when I’m awake you’ll certainly find me zoned out and scrolling endlessly on shopping apps, adding trivial things to the cart and waiting for them to arrive. But one fine day I go on to ask myself if the (unpacking) dopamine is worth the environmental consequences of my actions. The answer was a straight no.

I’m pretty sure it’s a dilemma many of us face, as we struggle with making a choice between self-expression or conscious fashion choices. It was not too late before I realised that each piece of jewellery or clothing contributes towards a cycle of waste while taking a toll on biodiversity. Apart from this, the carbon footprint from manufacturing and transportation significantly contributes towards climate change.

So how do we endure our love for aesthetics while minimising the environmental footprint? Well, we opt for conscious fashion labels! After extensive research, I’ve got just the list for you. Below are such Indian jewellery and clothing labels that have been celebrated for having an eco-conscious outlook.

Roma Narsingani

Roma Narsingani is a jewellery brand that has an environmentally responsible outlook. The brand has a made-to-order policy, hence minimising waste. The green agenda extends to the design, and accessories made from repurposed brass scrap are a testament to it. The brand also aims to eradicate the use of plastic packaging and exchange it with hemp packaging.


Arvino is an affordable luxury jewellery brand that promises to contribute towards the perennial nature of the Earth. The brand’s dynamic efforts to find ways to improve its processes and manufacturing to become more sustainable are worthy of acknowledgement. Having its manufacturing approved by SEDEX, the brand prides itself in incorporating moral, ethical and ecological practices in its day-to-day functioning.

OG & Co

This Gen-Z label seamlessly blends conscious fashion and luxury while being committed to using natural materials and eco-friendly practices. Their new collection, ‘Thy Earth Summit’ is not just a range of clothing but is rather a statement to incorporate eco-friendly fashion into your routine. Made from materials like hemp, bamboo and beechwood, the brand appeals to the norm of “conscious comfort”.

Apoorva Didwania

Apoorva Didwania is a conscious clothing label that designs pieces to make one feel good about themselves. One can give their eclectic co-ord sets a shot this summer. The brand never disappoints in paying homage to the traditional Indian handcrafted styles and designs.



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Delving into the essence of eco-conscious fashion, Hypsway offers a range of apparel spanning from dresses to tops and more. The brand uses materials that are organic and upcycled making their clothes breathable and lightweight. These practices by the brand make it the go-to destination for a conscious homegrown fashion label.


Dennison’s new hemp collection is a way of giving back to the planet by the brand. The materials used are grown organically using 33% less water. The brand has also replaced plastic buttons with coconut-made buttons and recycled threads. Their eco-friendly packaging has also been the talk of the town lately. The intent behind the collection is to champion a sustainable lifestyle and make sartorial choices that are favourable to the environment.



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This contemporary label is a flag bearer of eco-conscious fashion. The young brand is known for its eclectic designs and styles. Yavi uses hand printing techniques, objects and blocks, repurposed textiles, and sustainable Khadi weaves. The brand is also known for its interactive workshops to not only increase their customer base but to also raise awareness about sustainable fashion.



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This homegrown label champions slow fashion via their hand-crafted clothing line. The brand believes that each woven piece is a testament to quality efforts and conscious clothing. The brand’s pieces are often airy, making it the perfect choice for summer style. Tree is an amalgamation of traditional crafts and modern silhouettes with the notion of eco-friendly practices lying right at the centre.

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