5 Cooling Water-Based Beverages You Need To Stay Cool This Summer


Most of us aren’t drinking enough amount of water that we are supposed to. Many of us challenge our kidneys every day, barely drinking a bottle of water in a day. Some take maybe a few sips. Mainly because the water tastes like nothing. During summers, our body tries to cool down naturally by sweating, leading to dehydration. While water is the best drink to resolve this issue, we also have a few interesting alternatives.

If you are from the ‘I don’t like water’ or ‘I forget to drink water‘ category, these water-infused beverages can be an easy solution. Infused water will cool your body, hydrate it, add flavour and give you the benefits of the ingredients in the water. We have put together a few options for you to try:

1. Chia Water

Chia seeds hydrate the body while cutting out the boring aspect of drinking water. Chia water also gives you more energy in comparison to caffeine and sugar. It has a water-absorbent shell and soluble fibre, which keeps you full for a longer period and provides antioxidants to the body. To make this hydrating chia water drink, soak 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of water for about 10-20 minutes, and it’s ready. You can add in lemon or mint for a bit more flavour.

2. Jasmine Water

Jasmine water, a traditional Thai drink, has cooling benefits for the body. Jasmine is known as the queen of flowers. It promotes heart health and improves digestion. The best way to make Jasmine infused water is to clean the flowers, dunk them in a jar of water and cool it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Make sure you don’t leave them overnight, or it will add that grassy taste to the water.

3. Rose Lemon Strawberry Water

It is very refreshing and loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. The strawberries add a subtle sweetness to the water, and the tang of lemon balances the taste. Fill a jug with water, add halved strawberries, rose petals and sliced lemon to the water and set it to cool overnight in a refrigerator. The drink can be strained or consumed directly as per choice.

4. Cucumber Mint water


Cucumber is a quick, flavourful way to enjoy the water. It itself is refreshing and loaded with health benefits. Rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin A, cucumber aids in weight loss and helps lower blood pressure. Mint adds phosphorus, vitamins and freshness to the drink. Add both ingredients to the jar of water and leave it for at least four hours before consumption. A dash of salt can be added to the water to enhance the overall flavour.

5. Watermelon Ginger Water

Summer heat always calls for a chilled slice of watermelon. But infusing it in your water can get you the flavour all day without being too full. Ginger adds a zing to the sweet watermelon flavour. This drink is rich in anti-inflammatories, potassium and Vitamin B. Add chunks of watermelon and thinly sliced ginger to a jar of water and refrigerate overnight. Mint can be added for some extra flavour.

Enjoy your summer with these nutritional and refreshing drinks that will keep you hydrated and wanting more.

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