Beauty Confession: I Want To Marry My Anti-Ageing Eye Cream!

CoQ10 benefits for skin

I have sacrificed a lot on the altar of skincare! I sailed through my teenage years with beautiful skin, only to end up with adult acne in my 20s. It might have something to do with years of abuse at the hands of St. Ives Scrubs and Lacto Calamine! Plus, being a skincare junkie, trying out different products destroyed the harmony and I was finally put on a skincare diet by my dermatologist. Cutting out all that extras, I was put on a skincare routine focused on moisturisation and acne control. This meant no serums with cute-sy packaging and toners were longer part of my routine. Truth be told, the results were stunning, but the one product I missed using the most was an eye cream!

Yep, I do a lot with my eye cream. I struggle with tired and textured skin around the eyes. A creamy eye formulation helps keep it even, toned and plumped. I also bring it down to my smile lines and lips to smoothen out fine lines and unwanted texture. But with a minimal routine, I had to find an easily digestible replacement that my dermatologist would greenlight for safe use. This was when I stumbled upon the Sebamed Anti Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream, and it instantly became a mainstay in my routine. Why is it so good that I wish to marry it? CoQ10, the key anti-ageing ingredient in this eye cream, has worked like a charm for my skin!

What exactly is CoQ10?

Dr Michaela Arens-Corell, Head of Medical-scientific Department, Sebapharma, Germany, explains, “Co-enzyme Q10, an important antioxidant and metabolic catalyst, boosts the energy utilisation on a cellular level. This essential catalyst activates cells’ natural energy metabolism for more youthful skin function”. When used in an eye cream, the ingredient helps protects the elasticity of the very delicate skin of the eye area by neutralising free radicals. The compound is naturally found in the human body but the amount produced significantly reduces with age. Dr Michaela further elaborated on how it works, “It is bio-technologically produced from micro-organisms, and helps slow down the appearance of ageing around the eyes. CoQ10 deeply stimulates cell growth to improve skin vibrancy, with objectively measurable effects occurring in less than a month when used daily. Users observe noticeable effects already after a shorter use period.”

CoQ10’s recent claim to fame can be attributed to its ability to reduce sun damage. Its powerful antioxidant function helps safeguard the skin at the molecular level from the harmful effects of the sun and from wear and tear caused by free radicals. It lowers the collagen degradation of skin and prevents the damage caused by photo-ageing.


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It isn’t just the introduction of CoQ10 in my routine that has made such a difference in my skin texture. Sebamed’s Anti-Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream’s blend of ingredients was a jackpot formula. “It contains a combination of ingredients with anti-ageing activities which act synergistically for a maximum lifting and smoothing effect,” reveals Dr Michaela. Hyaluronic acid provides intense and long-lasting hydration to improve skin elasticity and phytopeptides enhance collagen and elastin production. It is also enriched with antioxidants like avocado oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter to help protect the skin against environmental effects which accelerate ageing processes.

It has been formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the sensitive eye area within a month’s time but I started noticing results after a week! The gentle formulation ensures excellent skin tolerance for all skin types. I use it twice daily, ensuring to follow up with sunscreen during the day. The easy-absorb formula allows the product to soak up without having to rub excessively. It is a lightweight cream that doesn’t feel too heavy on the eyes. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. The pH 5.5 of the formulation supports the barrier function and microbiome balance of the skin to maintain the natural age-defence functions.

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