Couples Styling Options For Valentine’s Day If The Pink And Red Are Too Cliche For You

Valentine's Day

While love is always in the air for those who identify as googly-eyed lovers, on Valentine’s day specifically, we go above and beyond to express our gratitude to our loved ones by sending heartfelt greeting cards, candied hearts, going on late-night Vespa rides and so much more. Now if you have a date night lined up, there’s bound to be some indecision involved when dressing up for the D-Day.

If you happen to harbour some hesitations regarding your matching fits, we might have just the thing for you. Whether you’re a matchy-matchy, PDA loving couple or a low-key stay in bed and bond over a candle-lit dinner type of a couple, our comprehensive styling options for Valentine’s Day are here to the rescue. Bid adieu to your worries as we’ve curated a coordinating list of items that tick all boxes – intent, quality and aesthetic.


For Him: Folklore Set

For Her: Ezra Dress

Nothing beats the timeless allure of indigo. If twinning as a couple is something the two of you bond on, spruce up your wardrobe with the folklore set and ezra dress by cult-favourite label Cord. A unanimous nod of approval for the relaxed silhouettes.

Shantnu & Nikhil

For Him: SNCC Duffle Bag

For Her: Sage Handheld Mini Tote

This one’s a safe and equally stylish bet. Check out Shantnu & Nikhil’s accessories repertoire if you wish to match but also want to retain your personal style sensibilities. And if in case your partner happens to be a cricket fan, their SNCC collection (spotlight on their duffle bag) seems like the perfect fit. Go all out and style these accessories with your sporty ensembles.

Lost My Accent

For Him: Lomant Records 01

For Her: Fleurs égarées

Cosy couples who love spending Valentine’s Day in bed, please unite. Style yourself and your partner in coordinating hoodies by staying true to your laid-back aesthetic. This one’s my personal favourite (if someone’s taking notes).


For Him: Aeon Sundrop

For Her: Aeon Azure

If you’re the outdoorsy, cafe-hopping kind, hop on your trusted Vespa this Valentine’s Day and embrace comfort with a pair of vibrant sneakers. Super stylish and in sync with today’s hypebeast sensibilities, the sneakerheads will sure have a blast with this one.

Divyam Mehta

For Him: Devarshi Co-ord

For Her: Vadhiyara

And here’s something for the uber-stylish tribe. The block-printed draped saree is paired with a coordinated trouser and is handcrafted in fine Matka silk for her whereas Shibori dyeing is employed in the Devarshi co-ord for him. Treading down the fusion-wear route sounds like a plan! Couples that slay together, stay together.

Shop Lune

For Him & Her: Big Balance Necklace

This necklace, modelled on the Daoist philosophy and adorned with modern gemstones, serves as a reminder that in the natural world, seemingly opposing forces can be complimentary, interwoven, and interdependent. If your pair lives up the the yin and yang theme, this is the one for you. Works best with a solid hued black or white shirt underneath!

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