5 Couture Brands Expanding Into The World Of Gastronomy


Haute couture labels are going beyond fashion and expanding their footprint in to the world of epicurean delights. Know for their couture, this departure into gastronomy may seem unconventional but the move is in line with the progression of these brands that look to appeal to the senses of the evolving buyer.  Bringing fashion and food enthusiasts under one roof, these luxury brands are taking their business from hangers to hunger and we are excited.

Whether you want to enjoy a Japanese tray on a rooftop of an exquisite hotel on the Mediterranean coast or indulge in champagne and caviar tastings as a shopping break, trust these Michelin-star chefs and haute couture brands to give you a chic dining experience at their gorgeous restaurants.

1. Restaurant Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is no stranger to the culinary world. It ventured into the hospitality space when it opened its first cafe and restaurant, Le Café V and Sugalabo V respectively atop its Osaka, Japan store in 2020. This year, the restaurant continued its journey in the F&B industry with a swanky restaurant in Saint Tropez, France–the destination synonymous with sunbathing celebrities, luxurious yachts, exquisite boutiques and culinary affairs. Located on the rooftop of The White 1921 Hotel, the taste of design fuses contemporary, gourmet spirit with the kitchen helmed by Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko, who also heads MoSuke in Paris. Guests can enjoy simple yet authentic meals that blend African, Japanese, and French cuisine in a striking architectural setup, one that resembles a holiday on the Mediterranean coast. One of the culinary highlights at the restaurant is the chef’s gourmet take on ekiben, a Japanese meal tray commonly served on trains. So if you ever go to Saint Tropez, make sure the LV restaurant is on your itinerary. Very recently, the brand announced it will be launching a new vegetarian pop-up cafe in Seoul, Korea.


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2. Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

With four distinct outposts- in Florence, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and now Seoul- Gucci da Massimo Bottura is a series of Italian, contemporary restaurants with varied identities. Each restaurant is located in a Gucci retail store, bringing those with a penchant for the finer things in life under one roof. The three-Michelin star chef and head chef of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, Massimo Bottura has designed the menu along with the head chefs in charge of each location. The experience will be of authentic Italian flavours blended with other culinary cultures in an elevated fine dining style.


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3. Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo

Launched in 2004, the fine dining restaurant is a collaboration between two big French names–Chanel and Ducasse Paris. What you’ll experience at the two-Michelin star restaurant is a beautiful amalgamation of French cuisine with Japanese ingredients amidst elegant interiors designed by Peter Marino, the designer in charge of Chanel boutiques all over the world.

4. Monsieur Dior And La Pâtisserie by Dior

Celebrating Christian Dior’s love for culinary arts, the French house opened a restaurant and patisserie at the iconic Paris 30 Montaigne store, which reopened its doors after shutting down for renovations in 2020. Both are helmed by French chef Jean Imbert and his long-term collaborator Anthony Clémot. Monsieur Dior’s menu draws from the heritage and history of the house, and also takes inspiration from the designer’s own French cookbook, La Cuisine cousu-main. Your dining experience is enhanced by exclusive Dior Maison collections, some of the notable ones being a Claudia Wieser mirror composed of geometric panels dialogues with Guy Limone’s pictorial work and a canvas painting titled Christian Dior à Table, by René Bouché.

Monsieur Dior | Photograph: Dior.com

The patisserie, on the other hand, is a gourmet delight when you want a small break from shopping at the store. Expect emblematic French cakes that reinvent Dior symbols and a chef barista who selects rare coffees for you. I think it’s safe to say that Dior makes your shopping experience an indulgent vacation.

Photograph: Charles Nègre

5. Petrossian at Tiffany And The Blue Box Cafe™ by Tiffany

Breakfasting at Tiffany’s became an actual thing when Tiffany & Co. opened The Blue Box Cafe™ at its New York flagship store. From coffee and croissants to avocado on toast and truffled eggs, the cafe became every woman’s breakfast, lunch and tea-time hangout spot, so maybe expect Audrey Heprun-esque dresses. The interiors, from the walls to the furniture, are all in the signature Tiffany Blue colour and I don’t think we would have it any other way. And the highlight is its small cake shaped like a Tiffany box with glossy blue icing and a big, white confectionary bow. But we must bring to your attention that the cafe is currently shut down as the NY flagship store is under renovation. It will only open in 2023, so if you want a bite of that cake, pencil in your reservation to get a spot for yourself.

Photograph: Tiffany & Co.

Till then, you can also visit Petrossian at Tiffany–an innovative restaurant concept by Tiffany & Co. located at the at South Coast Plaza store in California. Experience fine dining at its best from caviar tastings and champagne to contemporary French-influenced fare. We’re sold.

Photograph: Petrossian at Tiffany

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