ELLE Exclusive: K-Pop Group CRAVITY Gets Candid About Their New Album MASTER:PIECE

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Anyone who reads this space regularly is possibly familiar with my K-pop obsession, which started way back in 2015 when I randomly tapped into some group’s music video. From that point on, there was no turning back. A connection with an unfamiliar language bloomed and this love has trickled down to my full-time job; every week we cover the K pop and K drama scene. While it is widely believed that K-pop is a genre, that’s quite the misconception. This is massive global phenomenon that offers room for all different musical genres, from rap to opera. The latest K-pop group to come under my radar is Starship Entertainment’s nine-member boy group, CRAVITY, who entered the K-pop scene during the pandemic.

CRAVITY debuted during rough times. Despite this, the group managed to grab everyone’s attention and make a name for themselves on the Billboard charts. Their debut track, Break all the Rules, was a refresh button for all K-pop fans around the globe. This new group was rubbing shoulders with the other big K-pop names on iTunes or Spotify trend lists.

The nonet has officially returned to our playlist with their new album, MASTER : PIECE, featuring six new beats, including the title single Groovy, which is a complete banger with a bright, feel-good vibe and much-needed spark. The group is all set to go on their world tour. And to dive deeper into this album, all the members sat down with us to chat about everything they wanted the Indian LUVITY (this is what CRAVITY fans call themselves) to know before they hit play on their new songs.

ELLE: You guys are considered “monster rookies.” Do you feel any pressure to maintain that title?

ALLEN: I wouldn’t consider us rookies anymore so there really isn’t any pressure to maintain that title. But with the upcoming generations of rookie groups coming into the scene, there is definitely a sense of urgency to establish ourselves firmly within the industry.
HYEONGJUN: I felt pressured at first, but now I’ve learned how to enjoy it. As long as we genuinely enjoy what we’re doing, good results will naturally come along.

ELLE: All your fans around the globe are really excited about the new album, tell us something about the theme and music genre they should be expecting.

WONJIN: This album focuses on “yourself” and that everyone can be the main character of their lives. I think this message is easily forgotten as we live our daily lives. We want to remind our listeners to take ownership of their lives and just be confident!
MINHEE: Also through this album ‘MASTER : PIECE’, we wanted to convey our message that LUVITY is our missing puzzle piece. Our puzzle can only be completed by LUVITY.

ELLE: How was the whole creative process while making the new album?

SERIM: I participated in the songwriting for 4 out of the 6 tracks of this mini album, and I can confidently say that the process was much easier than the last time. I was so happy to feel this improvement. I’ll continue to participate in the album-making process to show even greater growth in our next albums.

JUNGMO: Every album-making process is exciting because it makes me look forward to how LUVITY will react. All of our albums are our gifts to LUVITY, so this album was also prepared like a special present for our fans.

ELLE: K-pop has become a global phenomenon across the globe. Does this fast-paced competition or charting affect the creative process?

WOOBIN: I don’t think this phenomenon necessarily affects the overall creative process, because I usually base my work off of my own experiences. My goal in creating music is not to place higher on the charts nor is it number-oriented. Rather, I focus on trying to convey my message well through my music, so I wouldn’t say our songs and albums are greatly affected by this global K-pop trend.

ELLE: What fun activities do you guys do to stay sane during live performances or tours?

TAEYOUNG: I usually get some sleep while traveling to different cities and always take a shower every morning in my hotel room! It’s a nice way to start off the day.
JUNGMO: Eat delicious food! I also like to play Minecraft on my phone because it makes me relaxed and calm.
HYEONGJUN: I ask the members to help stretch my back so that it makes that cracking sound. Once my back makes that sound, my body feels amazingly relaxed and warmed up, and it also helps me to get myself together before the show.

ELLE: You guys have been in the industry for a while and have done your fair share of live performances; which was your most memorable one?

SEONGMIN: All our concerts were memorable, but I would say that our first concert in Korea was the most memorable one. We have all been dreaming of that moment since our debut, so standing on the stage with LUVITYs in front of us felt somewhat unreal. I think we will all cherish that moment forever.
ALLEN: Our show [CENTER OF GRAVITY] in Bangkok held last year was actually quite a memorable one because LUVITYs prepared a surprise event for us towards the end of the show right before wrapping up with the encore. I was really touched by their gift and so were our members.

ELLE: How much do your fans, aka LUVITY, inspire you to keep going?

HYEONGJUN: Way more than you think. LUVITYs are our biggest motivation and inspiration.
SEONGMIN: I don’t think CRAVITY would exist without LUVITY. That’s how precious they are to us. LUVITY is our greatest strength.
WOOBIN: I want to give back as much as I got from LUVITY. This thought always makes me motivated to work hard and do better.
TAEYOUNG: LUVITY is always in our mind and they are the reason that we work really hard for it! It’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that LUVITY is everything to me.
ALLEN: LUVITY is the sole reason I keep going. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today so I’m always very grateful to them and want to do my best to repay their love.
MINHEE: Basically, LUVITY completes my idol life. I could exist as CRAVITY and an idol because of LUVITY’s support.

ELLE: Any chance you guys are going to visit or perform in India?

CRAVITY: We would love to visit India and perform for our LUVITYs out there someday. We’re always thinking about our LUVITY everywhere all the time, so until then, please stay healthy and always be happy!

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