Crocs Glow Up: The Unconventional Fashion Staple


Fashion trends and choices always leave the audience divided, with opinions being first gently explained, then perhaps driven home with gritted teeth and then shouted from the rooftops. And nothing sparks a fashion debate more than pair of rubber clogs which have been hotly debated on the internet since ages. Crocs unveiled their first pair of shoes, ‘The Beach’, in 2002, and since then, people have had mixed feelings for the brand. Their designs were largely perceived as outlandish but there’s no denying of the durability and versatility of these clogs. Now all over the internet, people have found multiple way to style them especially the socks and sliders gang. The brand’s target consumers were boaters, gardeners, service workers, and children. During it’s initial days, none of the targeted groups put their confidence in Crocs and its promised comfort. And the result of that was that the brand was considered a fashion faux pas. But there was the undeniable draw of these chunky pair, they were great for all terrains and all weathers, and could be worn on a casual day out or otherwise.

Crocs have become one of fashion’s greatest experiments for coolness, creativity, and self-expression. Over the year we have lensed celebrities like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Bad Bunny have contributed towards making the brand a household name. Crocs can now be seen being worn to various occasions, like lounging, poolside fun, streetwear, and dressing down suits.

People with quirky sartorial choices who are unafraid to play with fashion are usually the ones who have the most fun pairing up their most loved pair of Crocs to make a statement. They have favourably captivated the hearts of millions, ranging from Gen Zs to Millenials and Gen Xs. Their unconventional design, unmistakable comfort, and extreme versatility have contributed to their increasing relevance.

One of the most successful innovations that Crocs introduced was the Jibbitz charms. Jibbitz are small accessories that can be attached to the holes on the top of Crocs, allowing their customers to personalise and customise their purchase. This gave the consumers a reflection of their sense of identity in their shoes. The brand is back with a new range of classic sandals, all set to be a global sensation. The standout colours for this range are blue, ink, and grey. The range has a modernised outer profile that would let the feet glide into Crocs comfort.

The versatility of the range finds loyal followers. This collection is the ultimate upgrade for comfort seekers. The Jibbitz loyalists need not worry because they have got you covered this time too. The charms can be attached to any of the classic sandals, making it a personalised purchase.

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