ICYMI, Hrithik Roshan just did a photoshoot to remind everyone it’s his birthday

The visual equivalent of “Happy birthday to me”

What do you do when you’re turning 43, have a bucketload of money lying around and are worried that the birthday wishes won’t pour in unless Facebook sends a passive-aggressive reminder? You throw yourself one helluva shoot, of course. Confused? This photoshoot of Hrithik, by Hrithik and for Hrithik will clear things right up.  

While we were aware that Hrithik’s dropdead looks weren’t diminishing with age, he’d rather have it immortalized for posterity, thank you very much. Cut to bronzed abs, unbuttoned shirts and a religiously ambiguous pendant.




Questions for homework: Is that unseasonal rain? Excess hair spray? Sweat? Elixir of the last breathing unicorn?