These Artists Can Elevate Your Sneaker Game By Customising Them

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If I had a cent for every time I fantasised about having a sneaker closet, I’d be quite rich and have enough moolah to actually own one. I will be honest, the kicker (you see what I did there?) would be that I could actually customise my own sneakers, and if I could I would definitely put my name on them with diamantes. Yes, I love the drama. If you’re a sneakerhead, and you own a new pair for every occasion and outfit, you’re well aware that custom sneakers have long been the name of the game. FYI, my Instagram feed is currently flooded with sneakers that appear to have been going under the knife, and have come out looking spectacular. The work on these is done beautifully, with artists who specialise in customising sneakers while feeding your desire to stand out. So, the next time you decide to invest in new kicks for every occasion, take it a step further, a stroll down the creativity route and hit these homegrown artists up, the rest you can (quite literally) leave up to them.

Sanaya Irani (Brushtler)


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My nightly ritual includes a loyal trek down the ASMR route that includes long hours of viewing soap cutting, icing cakes, and lipstick destruction videos, and in my quest to find something that soothes my soul, I stumbled upon this Mumbai based artist, Sanaya Irani, a.k.a. Brushtler‘s IG page. What I unearthed was something way more than just satisfying painting videos. This time around, it included beautiful painted canvases, customised clothing. But what had me hooked were her skills as she created customised sneaker designs. How she transforms those basic pair of kicks into full-fledged masterpieces, is something that makes me seriously question my creativity.

Chaitanya Dixit (Che)Β 


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At this point in his career, Chaitanya Dixit needs no introduction. He’s a celebrity favourite and has not only created memorable customs for some of Bollywood’s greatest style icons, like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor but has also made a global imprint. He is one of India’s most celebrated sneaker customisation artist, having taken the custom sneaker game to a whole new level since his entry into the field.

Sugandha Tyagi (Shoes Your Daddy)

There’s something remarkable about turning your passion into a profession. This Delhi-based artist, Sugandha Tyagi, has done that and in style. Her Instagram account is deserving of your attention (thank me later); from cathartic patterns to vivid hues, she makes your shoes look like they’ve been resurrected.

Saigun Grover (Courtside)

There’s something special about championing a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your individuality, and that’s precisely what Saigun Grover does for you; his attention to detail and precision will almost certainly mean that your custom sneakers will flaunt an attitude that’s entirely their own.

Rahul Dev (Unhinged Customs)


His creations are the culmination of patience, ingenuity, and passion. Rahul has earned a reputation for himself in the sneaker world since his debut in 2016. We’re fairly certain his Instagram feed will have you browsing for hours, enticing you to fall in love with his creations and making it impossible to pick a favourite. His custom sneakers make you want to buy sneakers and ship them to him immediately.

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