5 Homegrown Perfume Labels Offering Customisable Fragrances That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day


Much like a musical composition, a perfume is a harmonious concoction of different notes. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to follow my nose and deep dive into the world of perfumery to construct my own fragrance melodies with Trove Experiences who have curated an olfactory experience with Isak Fragrances— an artisanal perfume house backed with the family experience of over 160 years.

Trove Experiences

Explaining the structure of a fragrance, Vidushi Vijayvergiya, the co-founder of Isak Fragrances and the host for the perfume-making experience reveals that “the top notes are the hook of the perfume and are what draws you in but they are the fastest to evaporate and last only 10-15 mins. The fragrance then moves on to the middle and base notes that are less volatile. The kind of perfumes that are made in India have a higher quantity of the base notes as compared to the middle and top because of our tropical climate. Since the evaporation will be faster due to the heat, we need fragrances that will last longer.” 

Trove Experiences

Making your own perfume can be a very intuitive process with the scent of every ingredient conjuring up images or memories in your mind’s eye. It’s science romancing art. This Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile by making a customised fragrance for your beau that reflects their personality rather than just gifting something off the rack. It’s unique and irreplaceable, much like the bond you share with your loved one. Here are 5 homegrown labels offering services to make your own perfume:

Isak Fragrances 

Isak Fragrances offers a ‘lab in a box’ kit that has everything you need to make your perfume at home including 12 bases, a manual with notes and formula sheets. You can also book a perfume making workshop with them through Trove Experiences to understand the nuances of building a fragrance.

Make Your Own Perfume 

Having roots in the coastal town of Calicut, Make Your Own Perfume is India’s first perfume bar that has 11 stores across the country offering customers a chance to pick their preferred fragrance notes and create their signature scent under the guidance of the staff. You can also get your name printed/engraved on the bottle.

All Good Scents

The only official licensee of Cinquième Sens in India, All Good Scents offers you a chance to discover the different bases and the techniques used to combine ingredients harmoniously with Perfumer Rajiv Sheth. They organise workshops as well as have online certificate courses that you can take up right away!

The Perfume Bar 

The Perfume Bar has three kinds of perfume making kits featuring 6 fragrance blends each that can be used to make your own perfume at home. They also offer services to set up a personal perfume bar at weddings, events etc to entertain guests and give them the experience of creating their personalized perfume- all blended fresh, on the spot.

NASO Profumi


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The Naso lab by NASO Profumi invites you to be a part of the perfume-making process and learn what fits your palette and personality the best by answering a few questions about your preferences. They also offer a special appointment service with their expert perfumers to curate your unique scent code.

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