The De-Stress Skincare Products You Need In Your Routine


It’s tough not to be stressed after the year we’ve all had. The bad news is that the stress can actually manifest on your face and lead to blemishes, inflammation and excessive acne. Beauty’s sensory nature has always been stress-relieving to a certain extent, but the latest anti-stress skincare is carefully concocted to induce calmness. From aromatherapy to de-puffing masks and moisturisers, there’s an abundance of choice in de-stressing your skin. 

Stress And Skin

If you don’t know the mutual relationship between stress and skin, let’s dwell into science. When you feel anxious, the body produces a hormone called cortisol which releases corticotrophin, aka CRH. When you’re stressed, CRH goes into overdrive and causes excess oil release from the sebaceous glands. Too much oil can clog pores which leads to acne. Simply put, stress can lead to skin problems. To prevent such flare-ups, here’s a list of products for some much needed TLC.

Forest Essentials Shanti Stress Relief  Spray

De-Stress Skin Care

Nothing like an essential oil spray to relax your nerves and mind. Scents of lavender, lime and peppermint based in oil will not only nourish your skin but instil calmness. 

Juicy Chemistry Australian Essential Tea Tree Oil

De-Stress Skin Care

Packed with antibacterial properties, this tea tree oil will soothe acne and uplift your mood post-application. 

Clarins Relax Body Oil

De-Stress Skin Care

Clarins’ Relax Body Oil Formulated with plant extracts like basil, camomile, and bitter orange—helps relieve stress and fatigue, and soothes tired, aching muscles. 

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift Masque

De-Stress Skin Care

Looking for an active cooling masque for the eyes? Dermalogica Eye Lift Masque is apt to de-puff with its unique arctic algae and hyaluronic acid blend. 

Dr Sheth’s Haldi And Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask

De-Stress Skin Care

Crafted for Indian skin, this night mask contains Haldi, hyaluronic acid and ceramide to improve pigmentation and dullness caused by stress. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

De-Stress Skin Care

For rejuvenated skin the next morning, pick Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. Thanks to its aromatic fragrance along with purifying properties, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. 

Dr Dennis Gross Stress Repair Face Cream

De-Stress Skin Care

Stress repair face cream couldn’t come sooner! Hypoallergenic nutrient-rich face cream with niacinamide (B3), superfoods, and adaptogens by Dr Dennis Gross checks all boxes in anti-stress skincare. 


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