Dear Diary, I Found Forever Love And It’s Magic

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Dear Diary!

I had to pinch myself this Valentine’s season because it felt like Cupid finally decided not to ghost me! You know how it goes. The season of love always brings its fair share of surprises, but this particular one takes the crown. It all happened one fine day, not very long ago. I was living through one of my ‘hot-mess’ days, you know when nothing seems to work – bad hair, stressed skin, and a mood to match. Amidst this chaos, there it was, gleaming at me from the corner of my brand-new beauty stash—the ultimate game-changer.

Finding ‘the one’ can be as thrilling as discovering the perfect shade of lipstick! And let me tell you, I’ve swiped left and right through enough to write a whole novel about it. But this time, I hit the jackpot. I not only #FoundLoveAtColorbar but also fell for the Ultimate Bachelor in Town – ‘Crystal Glow Face Gloss’.

Now before you certify me as crazy let me explain what got me so heart-eyed about this one and I swear you’ll want to steal it from me too.

Did I mention that this love of mine is making me glow all day? I am aware that I am full-on gushing about a beauty product, but that’s the thing, it’s not just a product. It is an ‘everyday magic essential’ at this point that is making my Korean-glass-like-skin dreams come true. Minus the 10-step beauty routine that frankly most women like me don’t have time for.

I wanna say Edward Cullen has got nothing on me, but let’s be realistic and say I don’t have to envy those gorgeous Korean genes anymore. As much as I love this face gloss, it adores me right back! Takes care of my skin from within and is incredibly gentle. It makes that ‘when you feel good, you look good too’ cliché true.

It’s safe to say that what Cupid couldn’t do, Colorbar did – they made this perfect match for me. And, here’s the profound wisdom I am walking away with – Matches are made in Colorbar heaven for each one of us. Whether you find it in the Pixie Love Eyeshadow Palette or the Luxe Nail Lacquer, one thing’s for sure: when you’ve #FoundLoveAtColorbar, there’s no looking back. So, go ahead, swipe right, give it a resounding yes, or even shout ‘I do’ because trust me, you won’t regret it. My heart (and makeup bag) has found its forever match in ‘Crystal Glow Face Gloss’.

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