Deepika Padukone Stars In Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé Collection


The world knows that French luxury maison Cartier is synonymous with uncompromised opulence and savoir faire. In a bid to go global and tap dignitaries from around the world for organic outreach, Cartier found its global ambassador in Bollywood actress and mental health advocate Deepika Padukone, last year. She also starred in the brand’s recent high jewellery collection campaign titled ‘Le Voyage Recommencé,’ in all her indomitable glory.

From wearing Cartier jewels for her Cannes outings to taking their most celebrated pieces for a spin at the Oscars, Padukone’s affinity for donning understated jewellery walks hand-in-hand with the brand’s discerning design signature.

Jacqueline Karachi, director of High Jewellery at Cartier said, “This collection is a great opportunity to delve into the essential themes of the Cartier style. To explore them in greater depth, take a fresh look at them, nurtured by the spirit of the time. Approaching them with a contemporary eye to go further.”

From the Sama necklace featuring the striking Ceylon sapphire to the sublime Ondule ring and Panthère Givrée necklace among their varied repertoire, Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé gives an insight into the brand’s passion for the world and its cultures.

Bringing forth more than 90 never-before-seen pieces from Cartier’s High Jewellery collection, Le Voyage Recommencé approaches the french maison’s fundamentals in a new-age format.

The maison’s aesthetic domains are handled with the same flexibility and extended even farther through their range of works, exhibiting the wonders of architecture and recreating the palette of chromatic harmonies. It’s this blurring of the possibilities of lines and the abstract which celebrates life.

The jewellery stalwart’s increased efforts to broaden its ethical, environmental and social practices is corroborated by its participation in Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, a collaborative aimed at developing a climate-resilient industry in a bid to conserve resources.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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