Derek Warburton’s New “Icon” Makeup Collection Is Legendary

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“I may bend, but I will not break,” says Warburton. The ICON collection encourages enlightenment, self-worth, and confidence. Icons inspire others and create a lasting impression on those around them. An icon focuses on goals and strives to be the best version of themselves. But most importantly, they must stay true to their values and beliefs while being open-minded to new ideas and experiences. Shared beliefs are the foundation of any successful partnership, which is why FACE Stockholm partnered on the Icon collection for the third time with Derek Warburton.

Photographed in his West Hollywood home which he describes as a mix between royal safari and French Polynesian decor, the world-renowned entrepreneur, media mogul, and philanthropist is intentional and thoughtful with his artistic genius. The collection was conceived to give space for people to show the world who they are or who they choose to be; it could be more or less depending on your mood. “That is the incredible gift of makeup,” says Warburton. “Makeup is a tool we use to enhance ourselves. To make decisions about how we wear our confidence. We get to decide daily who we are, not for society to dictate.” In a time when freedom isn’t always readily offered, the ICON collection encourages freedom of expression, being ourselves, loving ourselves, and being as fabulous as we want.

FACE Stockholm’s first collaboration with Warburton came after he won the ICON Beauty Award in 2022. Martina Arfwidson, FACE Stockholm’s Co-Founder and CEO, instantly took notice. The partnership was birthed from mutual admiration and was coined after Derek’s moniker Derek Fabulous. “Being Derek Fabulous is to live by my philosophy to help, teach, inspire, love, and to do it with great humor,” says Warburton. The Derek Fabulous collection launched for PRIDE ’22, and embraced the boldness of self-expression, the acceptance of people loving and living freely. Warburton and FACE Stockholm donated 100% of the profits from the PRIDE collection to GLSEN, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safer, more inclusive learning environments for the LGBTQ+ community in the US. Subsequently, the Boundless collection emphasized finding our voice in this world.

Warburton openly champions self-expression. The ICON collection compliments your life as a tool to bring your best self forward. The fun color ranges from taupe to blush and adds freshness to your life. It empowers you to take ownership of self and strength instead of hiding it. The ICON inspires you to focus on your inner confidence. “Confidence, that’s the most important thing you can put on before you walk out the door,” says Warburton. “The most beautiful thing about yourself is your confidence.”

This season’s motto is inspiring purpose in us all. “It is up to ourselves to let our past rule us or our future to guide us,” says Warburton – encouraging us all to turn everything in your favor. Having the faith to keep going, even when you get tethered, knowing what you want, knowing who you want to be. You make it work. “Comfort is temporary,” says Warburton. “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve built myself that way.”

FACE Stockholm, the 40+ year female-owned makeup and skincare company founded in Stockholm, Sweden, has also built itself that way. The synergy between the two powerhouses is electrifying. The company’s values on self-expression and individuality, clean ingredients, and sustainability have led them as people and a brand through four decades as a self-directed independent brand. “I love Derek’s creativity and play, which aligns with the FACE Stockholm values of self-expression,” says Martina Arfwidson

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Photography by: David Christopher Lee

Hair and Makeup: Joel Sebastian using Derek Fabulous x FACE Stockholm

Style Assistant: Keiki Tomoyose

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