Designers Championing Sustainability At The FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 Day 2

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Be it the tireless greenwashing by mighty garment conglomerates or the half-baked promises of brands wrongfully claiming their supply chain to be a circular one, the excuses are plenty, the list of unethical practices, long. But there’s hope. Hope in the innovative gene of up-and-coming designers aiming to build sustainable empires from scratch. Be it developing organic fabrics from fruit peels to pledging against the use of fur, there’s always a place to start. And dedicating Day 2 of the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week to sustainability in its entirety is a step welcome by all of us well-wishers from the fashion fraternity.
Here’s how Day 2 progresses with a spotlight on a few events having sustainability at their core.

1. Pieux Organic- Winner Of The Circular Design Challenge

With de-construction and re-construction at the forefront of their design ethos, Pieux by Pratyush Kumar has been declared triumphant at the Circular Design Challenge presented by R|Elan™️ in partnership with FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week & UNEP. They’ve also upcycled 50 kg of carpet waste and 100 meters of deadstock fabric in the past few months and deem masterful pattern-making a solid way to eradicate construction waste. Love to see it!

2. Diksha Khanna’s Exploration With Eco-Printing

Diksha Khanna’s collection titled ‘Julley’ presents a unique perspective on surface ornamentation by eco-printing foliage and plants onto the fabric. It makes a strong case for ditching the age-old conventional embellishment bandwagon and embraces a more natural approach. Brownie points for the collection being trans-seasonal and androgynous.

3. BEMBERG™ presents Payal Pratap

Payal Pratap collaborates with Bemberg, a leader in regenerating cellulosic fibre whose yarns will lend a more biodegradable and environmental friendly aspect to her collection ‘Java’. Batik and chintz take up considerable space in the collection while the digitization of hand-painted artworks takes the innovation up a notch.

4. Divyam Mehta Utilizes Fabric Made From Agri-Waste

Material sciences fused with artisanal creativity is what makes the future of fashion exciting. And taking a step in that direction is Divyam Mehta’s recent collection in partnership with AltMat; a company which develops textiles from agricultural waste. The collection took cues from the silhouettes native to the Dongria Kondh tribe with kantha embroidery, hand tailoring and drapes lending a poetic spin to it.

5. Vaishali S: Diverse Matching & Maximum Circularity

Vaishali S and her route to world domination was apparent by her Milan Fashion Week debut just last month. And now returning to her home-field is her genius collection, ‘Fil Rouge’ which has sustainability as the prime focus. All the supply chain processes can be traced through blockchain to provide transparency maximus. Way to go!

6. R|ELAN™ X Satya Paul By Rajesh Pratap Singh

An art-heavy collection focused on sustainability? Us fashion folks surely are having a field day. Taking inspiration from Klimt, Muccha and Toulouse Lautrec, Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh is a collection that screams freedom of creative expression. Titled ‘New Order,’ the sustainable fabrics provided by R|ELAN are the cherry on top.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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