3 Times Dia Mirza Proved To Be The Progressive Icon We All Needed

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Dia Mirza wears many hats. She’s a fierce feminist, a vocal eco-warrior, a powerful performer- there’s no pigeon-holing her. Perhaps that is what makes her so relatable. We wanted to be her when she slowly ran on screen in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, looking ethereal and giving us glowy skin inspo. At her wedding in February 2021, she had a female priest, a move that all of us applauded. And now she’s championing being environment-friendly, and she has our vote. Dia is an environment ambassador and UN Secretary General’s SDG advocate, a platform she uses to vocalise her support for sustainable practices. In many ways, Dia is the embodiment of what you can do when you really believe in the cause.


She Loves The Environment And It Shows

What we love about Dia Mirza’s stance on the environment is that she doesn’t expect you to drop everything and head out to the ocean or to participate in clean up drives at the beach. She does suggest that yes, but still, what she asks is actionable. Her suggestions revolve around the little, achievable things- small actions that we could actually do without getting overwhelmed. Like switching off lights when not in use. Or having bucket baths instead of showers. She also suggests giving up plastic straws and using steels straws and most of this is doable.

She’s A Feminist And We Love That

Dia has been feminist and she’s talked about this frequently. When Emma Watson was excited about an award that did not distinguish the winners by gender, Dia asked if it was possible that all awards be like that. We sure hoped it could be that way. When she tied the knot with Vaibhav Rekhi in February 2021, a female priest conducted the ceremony and kanyadaan and bidaai were done away with.

She’s Smashing Stereotypes

When Dia Mirza announced her pregnancy right after her wedding to Vaibhav Rekhi, people pointed out the wedding took place because of the pregnancy. Dia was quick to address this saying that the only reason she didn’t talk about her pregnancy was for medical reasons and not because she believes in age old tropes. She said that there should be no shame attached to the journey of motherhood.

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