Dia Mirza Turns Muse For Abraham & Thakore At FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2021

Dia Mirza

On day three of FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2021, Abraham & Thakore stick to their signature design aesthetic but take it up a notch higher with their sustainability game. Titled Assemble, Disassemble and Reassemble, their collection features clothes made from 100% recycled PET materials. Relaxed silhouettes such as tunics, pants, wrap skirts and kimono inspired jacket in graphic patterns and tones of black, red and white defined the line-up. In a quick chat with the designer duo, we find out more.

ELLE: What’s the inspiration behind your collection?

Abraham & Thakore (A&T): The traditional systems of recycling and upcycling in India such as patchwork and kantha is our inspiration.

Dia Mirza

ELLE: Tell us a bit more about it in terms of the colour story, fabrics and silhouettes.

A&T: The fabrics are Green Gold by R|Elan made from recycled post consumer PET bottles. The shapes are easy modern separates with a nod to Indian style. Patchwork, appliqué and kantha informed the design vocabulary.

Dia Mirza

ELLE: Describe your contribution to circular fashion?

A&T: We believe in longevity in fashion, clothes that you value and keep and that are produced in the most mindful way.

Dia Mirza

Closing their show was the gorgeous Dia Mirza. The star glided in, wearing a luxurious black abstract patchwork kaftan with stitch detailing and contrasting yoke and cuffs. Here are her thoughts on the show and sustainability.

ELLE: Tell us about what you’re wearing and what you like about it.

Dia Mirza: It’s a collection using fabric completely made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Abraham & Thakore killed it today. They had a beautiful show. The garment that I’m wearing is further repurposed. Leftover fabrics from the other clothes in the collection were used to make this beautiful kaftan for me.

Dia Mirza

ELLE: What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion 2021?

DM: Sustainability is something we all need to start focusing on and care deeply about. The fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industries and we need to take responsibility of the fact that we are amidst a climate crisis. Our patterns of consumption and production need to change. Sustainability is a very powerful way of ensuring that we use, create and consume more responsibly.

Dia Mirza

ELLE: As someone who’s been championing sustainability for a long time, what advice would you give to those who are just getting on that path?

DM: The first and most important thing is to realise that your life, health and wellbeing are deeply connected to nature. Everything you eat, wear and use everyday makes a difference and impacts the environment. Ask yourself three questions before you buy anything: Do I really need this? Where is it coming from? How is it going to respond to the environment? And once you have answers that tell you it’s all healthy for the planet, chances are you’ll be leading a more sustainable life.

- Lifestyle Editor


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