5 Types Of Vibrators That Guarantee Steamy, Toe-Curling Orgasms


My friends always joke around by saying, “Her life is like a movie, except it’s Toy Story because she has so many vibrators.” Jokes apart, growing up in a conservative family, owning a vibrator was a far-fetched dream for the sexually curious me. When I turned 18, I somehow managed to order my first vibrator after plenty of trials and tribulations that involved nosy parents and exorbitant customs duties. A drawer full of vibrators and multiple orgasms later, I decided to let the secret out with this list of the best vibrators one can invest in.

Lucky for us, the sex toy market has been thriving for the last few years and we’ve got way more options than the conventional yet functional wand vibrator. Advancements in technology coupled with the rising need to prioritise female pleasure have led to the creation of toys that are versatile in functionality.

Here are a few different kinds of vibrators that perform varying functions.

Suction vibrator

Suction vibrators use air technology to create an intense sucking sensation on the clitoris. Designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex, these vibrators work to stimulate nerve endings by sending targeted pulses of air. If you enjoy clitoral orgasms, this one is for you. Breeze is a suction vibrator from MyMuse that features 10 varying speeds which create a ‘seal and feel’ feeling.

Available on mymuse.in

Remote-controlled vibrator


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Sometimes normal vibrators can mess up the entire flow of a good time just because you’re trying to change the settings whilst using it. Not only are remote-controlled vibrators super convenient but they’re also a tad bit spicier because they allow you to experiment more. These can be used in the bedroom, and to spice up things in a long-distance relationship. Bellesa’s AirVibe Pro has the power to give you a blended orgasm with its suction and vibrating arm.

Available on bboutique.co

Thrusting rabbit vibrators

We’ve got to thank Miranda from Sex and The City for introducing most of us to this power-packed source of pleasure. Designed to offer penetrative pleasure and clitoral stimulation at the same time, these vibrators will always take your pleasure sessions up a notch. The Sangya 10 is a thrusting rabbit vibrator that is one of its kind with 12 thrusting speeds and vibrations. It also warms up to 42 degrees for sensual penetrative play.

Available on sangyaproject.com

Wand vibrators


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Wand vibrators are the OGs when it comes to promising pleasure to women. A body massager that was quickly turned into a sex toy all thanks to the growing curiosity of women, these vibrators are as intense as it gets. They feature the highest revolution-per-minute which means they can vibrate to extremely high intensities. Unbound’s Ollie is a high-powered wand vibrator with 10 varying speeds that guarantee you maximum clitoral stimulation.

Available on unboundbabes.com

Bullet Vibrators

These vibrators offer targeted stimulation with their intense vibrations and are often extremely compact, making it extremely easy to travel with them. These can be used internally and externally on multiple body parts for achieving pleasure such as your nipples and clitoris. The Screaming O Soft-Touch Bullet Vibrator has three in-built vibrations that allow you to experience varying levels of pleasure.

Available on IMbesharam.com

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