Diljit Dosanjh’s Road To Global Stardom


Amongst all the people who have represented India on the global stage, few have had the kind of adulation and fan following that Diljit Dosanjh commands. In 2023, when he was the first Punjabi singer to perform at Coachella, he asked fans who did not understand the language to just enjoy the “vibes” of the songs; and it worked. Videos of DJ and music producer Diplo grooving to Patiala Peg amidst a packed crowd went viral on social media.

Indeed, it is the vibes that make the Jalandhar-born singer-actor so special, be it in his music or in the attitude and values with which he carries himself. Famously humble about the many achievements in his career, Dosanjh has proved time and again how talent and sheer love for one’s craft can make that craft cross all barriers of language and culture.

Below, we traced the trailblazer’s rise to global stardom.

Rocking Billboard Music Charts

Diljit Dosanjh has been a known face in the Punjabi music industry since the mid-2000s when his albums like Chocolate started gaining attention. As Punjabi music became more popular in the country, the artist appeared in Bollywood hits like Proper Patola (which by the way was the first Punjabi song to be released on Vevo). But his music hit a new high when his 11th music album, G.O.A.T. entered Billboard’s Social 50 chart. It also ended up climbing the top spot in Billboard’s Top Triller Global chart.

Partnership with Warner Music

In a bid to take Punjabi Music beyond the boundaries of the country, Dosanjh partnered with Warner Music. This was the first time he signed to a music label, and it set the stage for his stellar success overseas.

Making Waves At Coachella

India went into a frenzy when Dosanjh was announced to perform at Coachella 2023. And boy did he give a performance that fit. Donning a jet-black traditional look – with the koti replaced with a utility jacket and gloves – he started his set screaming, “Punjabi aa gaye Coachella oye!”

Collab with Sia

Shortly afterwards, he released a song with Sia, called Hass Hass. If that wasn’t unexpected enough, the song also featured the Australian singer singing a verse in Punjabi. We are floored.

Collab with Saweetie

A few weeks before the release of his heart-touching biopic Amar Singh Chamkila, Dosanjh released the song Khutti with American rapper-singer Saweetie.

The Vancouver BC Place Concert

Dosanjh made history in April when the Vancouver wing of his Dil-Luminati Tour became the largest concert by a Punjabi artist outside India. With a whopping 50,000 people in attendance at the BC Place, the show was a landmark in the history of Punjabi music.

Performing with Ed Sheeran

Fans who attended this Ed Sheeran concert had the surprise of their lives when Diljit Dosanjh made an appearance at the concert. The two singers singing Dosanjh’s song Lover was an event few might have ever had on their bingo cards.

Appearing At The Jimmy Fallon Show+

When the Magic singer excitedly announced that he’ll be a guest at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, fans went into a frenzy. And why not? This was the first time an Indian singer was performing on the show, and Dosanjh’s electrifying performance of G.O.A.T was one for the history books.

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