Dior Celebrates The End Of The Year Festivities With The Dior Holiday Campaign


At the end of a long alley lined with cypress trees, an enchanted place rises up before our eyes, in the shape of Christian Dior’s château, the couturier’s floral paradise, which appears beneath a heavenly constellation of stars. This timeless setting reverberates with the past joys of countless receptions held by monsieur Dior for his friends. It is a place of reunions, brimming with memories, where the significance of Dior hospitality and generosity is shown to its full extent.

Illuminated by stars and lightly dusted with snowflakes, the château opens its doors to host a timeless dinner, revealing a myriad of precious gifts, and even, magical animals. In the pattern created by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, the stars dance among flamboyant animals and mythological figures at the heart of a rich and abundant wild flora.

“For this project, I imagined myself laying on the grass of the Château de La Colle Noire at night, looking toward the north, admiring the constellations around the north star, the little dipper, the giraffe, the lynx, the dragon, perseus, cassiopeia… which seem to dance in the sky. Enchanted by this sight, I can smell flowers all around me: violet, angelica, gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom, frangipani, magnolia, the scents of rose and myrtle—all these aromas illuminated by the constellations, bringing them to new and magical life.” – Pietro Ruffo

Sylphlike Anya Taylor-Joy lends her face to the Dior holiday campaign for the first time. She is transformed into a radiant host as, filmed by Benoit Delhomme, she invites us into the château. Like a blonde fairy twirling around the house icons of miss Dior and j’adore, rouge Dior and sauvage, which invites a white wolf to join the party. To mark the occasion, everything is dressed with Pietro Ruffo’s gold pattern. Accompanied by a joyous gathering of house friends filled with wonder at the sight of so many Dior presents, it is a holiday dream come to life in this magical setting.

Welcome To The Magical World Of The House Of Dior.

To find the Dior magic this holiday season…


Parfums Christian Dior has entered a brand new collaboration with Korean company D’strict in order to create 3D digital advertising campaigns: a visual experience brings the house Christmas window displays to life thanks to digital technology that transforms simple screens into true media art platforms. View the creations from November 28th in Tokyo and in new york, and from December 1st in Seoul.

Parfums Christian Dior really wants the public to enjoy an immersive experience, so has also partnered with meta’s spark to bring Pietro Ruffo’s constellations to life in augmented reality (AR). This partnership has pushed back the limits of AR, making it possible to explore the Dior constellations in a unique way.

Faithful to the sense of Dior craftsmanship and magic, the ar experience makes it possible to experience a dreamlike interlude by using AR based on geo-localisation, one of the most advanced technologies available on smartphones. Visitors can play with the Dior star that rises up to the ceiling, leaving a trail of stardust in its wake. Pietro Ruffo’s constellations appear, recreating a starry sky like at the Château de la Colle Noire, and come to life in 3D, one by one.

In Boutiques And Exclusive Pop-Ups Worldwide

Enjoy immersive experiences and dive into the Dior holiday film universe with features that offer endless possibilities. All the exclusive offers for the end-of-year celebrations are showcased, from the sublime la collection privée Christian Dior coffrets to the makeup collection created especially for the occasion by Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior makeup. Not forgetting the house’s icons: the j’adore, miss Dior & sauvage perfumes dressed with the pattern of Pietro Ruffo; rouge Dior lipstick and Dior prestige skincare.

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