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In times of uncertainty, when it seems like the whole world is losing their minds, and no one knows which way to go—Lightforce healers Shayoon and Alexander Mendeluk have discovered that the only way forward is within.

The suppression of voice, obligations, and pressures to be a certain way almost seems as though happiness, true lasting happiness is only becoming a figment of our imaginations. As accredited jobs replace passion and purpose and true love is replaced by what others desire for us,  It’s no wonder why anxiety, depression and diseases are at an all-time high. Big industries have found a way to manipulate and control our health and wellbeing by constantly coming out with new pills, treatments, diet fads, detoxes to capitalize on the suffering of the global population in despair.

But there is hope, and here is the key:

All of these companies, systems, Gurus and cultural programs have made us believe that the solution to our health, wealth, and happiness, is outside of ourselves and that is why no matter how much therapy, green juice, yoga classes, or magic pills you take, none of that will ever save you.

The real healer is you, and your solution was never outside of yourself, to begin with. When you truly embody and understand this, coupled with the right processes and techniques in place, you can heal yourself of anything.

Our students at The Lightforce Center are consistently reporting the healings of chronic disease, anxiety, stress, depression, autoimmune issues, tumours, broken hearts, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, skin conditions, GI issues and the list goes on.

So how does it work?

Step #1 Is Our LightForce Morning Ritual Meditation:

Your healing journey begins with a daily practice that allows you to immediately decrease stress, anxiety and pain and increase your productivity and your overall well-being.

You have to check in with yourself before you check in with the world and recondition your mind, body connection with specific meditations.

You can get our LightForce Morning Ritual Meditation and process here as a gift.

This practice has been implemented successfully by thousands of individuals from all walks of life and becomes the foundation to your house of healing.

2. LightForce Self-Healing Modality™ (PART 2/3)

Most “diseases aren’t actually diseases at all, they are symptoms of suppressed negative emotions that are stored in the body. Western medicine is beginning to recognize these symptoms as “Psychosomatic illness”, or illness that arises from the psyche.

Through the process of what we call “emotional mapping”, you learn to map ALL of your negative feelings and emotions from the past and clear them. Once you clear, or heal 100% of your negative emotions that are held within the mind and body, your body heals itself near instantaneously.

It’s not magic, it’s the perfect way we were all designed as self-regenerating, healing machines and it’s available to all.

3. LightForce Purpose Manifestation™

Naturally what happens on the other side of your healing, is a desire to do something more with your life. And this is where it’s imperative that in order to fully live the life you were meant to live, you must embody your purpose. Many people talk about Purpose, but what they don’t often discuss is that healing is the prerequisite to the full embodiment of your Purpose.

What the world needs is conscious solutions and we can’t get those solutions from an unconscious state. That’s why the single most important thing you can do in your life is to raise your consciousness and that is done by healing the negative programs and wounds that are not who you truly are.

You are not your pain, you are a beautiful being of love and when you clear all that is not love, an endless reservoir of self-love emerges that then fuels your Purpose. As you alchemize your Pain, you liberate your heart and set yourself truly free.

Only as a free, sovereign being can you be of service to this planet at this time, and to all those who are still running around searching for their answers— remember, the answer was never outside of yourself and the only way forward is within because the light is the way and the way is the light and what’s not of the light is in the way.

In love,

Shayoon and Alexander Mendeluk,

Founders of The Lightforce Center

Images: Selina Dey

Instagram: @shayoon_ and @mendeluk

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