In Conversation With Disha Patani On Calvin Klein’s Latest Launch

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s most recent collection unveiling included Disha Patani at Jio World Drive in Bandra, Mumbai. The Bollywood star looked fantastic in their in the CK logo bralette and a pair of light wash jeans. At the interactive event for the collection launch, there was also music, influencers, and everything stylish.

The store offers the newest Calvin Klein collections, including Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, and accessories, within an interior that pays homage to the minimalist principles at the heart of the brand.

It’s easy to see why Disha Patani has been Calvin Klein’s face for such a long time. Her individual style is a wonderful fit for the brand’s ethos. We spoke with Disha  to get her thoughts on the new collection.

ELLE: How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

Disha Patani: My outfit choices balance comfort and style, something chic and classy while still being comfy. For instance, the hoodie from the collection is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation while still being comfortable and stylish, making it a wonderful fit for my own style. When dressing myself, my choices range from exceedingly baggy to fitter than fit. But comfort never changes, and that’s a good thing.

ELLE: We’ve seen the importance of both fitness and fashion in your life; how do you manage to completely dominate in each of the fields?

DP: Maintaining a fitness routine – this requires a certain level of discipline and commitment. At the same time, I find enjoyment in fitness activities. When you enjoy what you’re doing, it becomes easier to stay motivated and disciplined. Similarly, I’ve always loved fashion.

ELLE:Which collection has been your favourite in Calvin Klein since 2017?

DP: This new collection is for sure fresh, classy, minimalistic, and everything I like. I’m really excited about the styles it has to offer.

ELLE: You have become synonymous with the brand Calvin Klein. How does CK fit into your personal style?

DP: I seem to have used the words “comfortable” and “basic” a little too much now, but I believe they define my personal style. As a brand, Calvin Klein embodies a minimalist, classy and comfortable aesthetic. This resonates with me, and draws me towards it. To put it differently, I value simplicity and ease in my clothing choices, which is why Calvin Klein perfectly fits in my wardrobe.

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