DNA Of Indian Fashion: Rimzim Dadu


Delhi-based Rimzim Dadu has traced an exceptional fashion journey through her unconventional masterpieces. From her viral metal sari to sculpted garments, the designer discusses her wearable art concepts.

ELLE: How has your singular sensibility continued to endure despite the rise of e-commerce?

Rimzim Dadu (RD): We have always valued originality and innovation, which has made us distinctive in the marketplace. Our one-of-a-kind designs and unusual materials make our signature metal textiles irresistible. We’ve experimented with and perfected a host of specialised techniques including metallic cord embroidery with fluid interlacing, textiles inspired by intricate lace-making, cane webbing, labour-intensive motifs made using metallic and silk cords, and artwork inspired by topography made in our signature chiffon cords. Our customers value the high quality finish and handcrafted nature of our products.

ELLE: What has influenced your creativity throughout the years?

RD: I am inspired by a variety of things, including nature, architecture, and the materials. But I continually strive to add my own perspective by juxtaposing structure and fluidity, producing a unique fusion of art and clothing. My father, who was a designer and garment exporter himself, once offered me the advice: ‘Always strive to be distinctive, embrace your uniqueness, and discover your own creative voice’. I’ve worked hard to uphold this philosophy throughout my career. My purpose is to redefine the very meaning of couture through groundbreaking textile innovation that is rooted in Indian textile heritage.

ELLE: How do you strike a balance between being distinctive and being marketable?

RD: To maintain a balance between the two, I focus on creating designs that are both innovative but functional, like our predraped saris that combine both the versatility of a regular sari with the convenience and comfort of a pre-stitched garment.

ELLE: What makes your brand globally relevant? What is your main objective in experimenting with materials for your collections?

RD: Because we produce designs that are both unique and functional which is appreciated by a wide spectrum of clients, our brand is relevant on a global scale. We always aim to experiment with different materials and push the boundaries of fashion by producing something original and unique.

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- Junior Fashion Writer

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