Dolce & Gabbana Are Now Designing Pasta Tins

Designers Dolce & Gabbana have found themselves a new calling — food. Specifically, pasta. Considering that the duo are Italian, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can’t stop thinking about their favourite food — so much so that they have now designed pasta tins. How’s that for food for thought?

In a new collaboration, the luxury house has joined forces with a renowned Italian pasta maker Pastificio di Martino — a Naples-based company that churns out around 9,000 tons of pasta a day in 125 different shapes — to produce a limited edition tin of pastas. As an afterthought, the designers added a pasta-inspired apron to the collection, because you don’t want to stain your expensive D&G dress with bolognese sauce now, do you?

The funny coincidence is that the hint to this collaboration lay in Dolce & Gabbana’s SS18 collection that they recently showcased at the Paris Fashion Week. Model after model paraded down the runway in food-inspired ensembles — a dress adorned with green vegetables; a crochet blouse with oranges for buttons; a burrito-inspired gown — and fair enough, why restrict yourself to fashion when you can also design food (or at least its packaging)?

Featuring prominently on the packaging is the Italian saying “La Famiglia, La Pasta, e L’Italia!” (which translates “Family, Pasta and Italy!”) and illustrations inspired by southern Italy and Italian landmarks like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The limited edition collection sees 5,000 tins that will be available worldwide.

This is the real way to live the Dolce & Gabbana dream:

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