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Dots and Doodles Design

Dots and Doodles Design began with a vision. Co-creators Krisha Seth and Yamini Gandhi embarked on a journey to create a design empire where art and design intertwine, allowing for boundless self-expression. They curated a timeless collection of personalized stationery, boxed notecards, gift bags, wrapping papers, invitations, and more, aiming to infuse everyday lives with a touch of enchantment. Emphasizing sustainability, artistry, and authenticity, each design is meticulously handcrafted with passion and craftsmanship. Join us as we step into the world of Dots and Doodles Design; as the pages of their story unfold, they invite you to write your own.

ELLE: Tell us about the ideation behind your brand.

Krisha Seth (KS) and Yamini Gandhi (YG): For us, art and design has always been a way of life. A source of inspiration for new projects, it has taught us invaluable lessons, over and above contributing to our holistic growth. In the long run, it was this very passion that pushed us to kickstart Dots & Doodles Design and build products that we deeply loved. Our goal was to make everyday experiences more vibrant and unique by incorporating a playful element into them, something that would add a touch of magic to regular life and bring a smile to your face. Keeping art and design at the forefront of what we do, we are dedicated to offering personalised stationery, illustrated clothing and accessories, as well as home decor — all of which are crafted to suit different personalities.

ELLE: What makes Dots and Doodles the perfect choice for gift-giving?

KS and YG: Our products are the ideal choice for gift-gifting because they are truly one-of-a-kind. With exclusive prints, we ensure that we offer something extraordinarily special for people of all ages and genders. What sets our gifts apart is the thoughtfulness we dedicate to personalization. By adding that personal touch, we create a meaningful and tailored experience for the recipient. When you choose us, you can be rest assured that you’re giving a gift that stands out and is truly heartfelt. 

ELLE: What is the brand’s take on sustainability, and what measures do you take to reduce waste or deadstock?

KS and YG: We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability and the implementation of strategies to reduce waste and deadstock. We acknowledge and constantly strive towards a better, more innovative way to create products. Our paper products and personalised stationery are made-to-order, such that there is zero waste. By producing only what is necessary, we minimise excess stock and eliminate the wear-and-tear that accompanies the long-term storage of products.

When it comes to our paper materials, we take extra care and precaution in sourcing them responsibly. As such, we work only with FSC-certified paper suppliers who adhere to the highest codes of social and environmental standards, ensuring that our paper is sourced from environmentally conscious and sustainable forests. As for our other product categories, such as candles and illustrated clothing, we produce them in limited quantities, launched through a pre-order system to ensure their uniqueness and availability for our customers. By adopting this approach, we can gauge demand accurately and minimise excess inventory. 

ELLE: What are some tips for someone wanting to be more consistent in journaling and what are the associated benefits of it?

KS and YG: Establishing a consistent journaling practice is crucial for reaping its benefits. By setting a routine, you establish a dedicated time and space for journaling, integrating it into your daily life. Starting small allows you to overcome any initial resistance or overwhelm, gradually building momentum and confidence in your writing practice. Consistent journaling has numerous advantages; it serves as a powerful tool for self-reflection, enabling you to better understand yourself, gain insights, and foster personal growth. It also enhances emotional well-being by providing an outlet for processing and releasing emotions. Journaling cultivates clarity and focus, honing in on your ability to set goals, make decisions, and prioritise tasks.

ELLE: How do you cater to different age groups with your products?

KS and YG: At Dots and Doodles Design, we pride ourselves on catering to individuals of all age groups with our diverse product range. Our selection includes social stationery, suitable for both kids and adults, as well as journals that appeal to individuals of any age. Additionally, we offer scented soy wax candles, personalised recipe journals, and folders that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. With our thoughtfully crafted products, we guarantee something special for customers of every age group.

ELLE: As you mentioned, Dots and Doodles Design does a lot of personalisation. How is that different from other stationery brands on the internet?

KS and YG: Dots and Doodles Design stands out from other digital stationery shops due to its wide selection of products and distinctive yet original illustrated prints. Our selection includes social stationery, journals, bar manuals, illustrated pocket squares, scarves, and more — all of which appeal to a broad spectrum of age groups and personal interests. However, it is our exclusive illustrations that truly set us apart from the competition, ensuring a special and individualised touch to your belongings. In addition to stationery, we have expanded our range to include coord sets, accessories and home decor items as well that are designed thoughtfully and feature a delightful array of unique illustrations. We are an eco-conscious brand, which is a determining factor that resonates with a lot of our customers.

Check out the Dots & Doodles website here. 

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