In Conversation With Dr Irena Eris About The Much-Awaited Launch Of Her Eponymous Beauty Brand In India

If there’s one industry that’s witnessing technological advancements and improvements on a daily basis, it’s the skincare industry. Dr Irena Eris aims to offer simple solutions to specific skin concerns with her revolutionary research-backed brand of skincare products. The brand was born in Poland in 1983. “Research and development is at the core of everything we do. We use science to provide straightforward answers to issues people have been battling,” Dr Eris says. She chats with ELLE about prioritising science in skincare at a time when no one did.

ELLE: Congratulations on your launch in India. What are your thoughts on the Indian market?

Dr Irina Eris (IE): I’m ecstatic about finally bringing my life’s hard work to India. Before launching in the Indian market, we conducted thorough research to understand what the space is like. I’ve realised that this market is vibrant and booming. The Indian consumer is knowledgeable and interested in learning more about skincare all the time; they consume beauty content and are aware of ingredients, their compatibility and efficacy.

ELLE: Tell us about the journey.

Dr IE: The journey has been equal parts exciting and educational. This brand was born out of my quest to learn more about skincare and find tangible solutions for all of the skincare problems that I dealt with growing up. Forty years ago, when I decided to create this brand, there was a gap in the market when it came to products that catered to specific skincare issues. I began by creating one product which was a luxurious moisturiser, and the rest is history.

ELLE: What about skincare excited you?

Dr IE: I completed my degree in pharmacy and even got my PhD in physiology, which was a fairly new field at that time, especially for a woman. As a person with a scientific temper, I have always been curious. When it came to skincare, because of my educational qualifications and passion for the subject, it was a no-brainer that I had to jump into it.

ELLE: What are the non-negotiable steps in your own skincare routine?

Dr IE: This is such a difficult question for someone who thinks everything is crucial in your skincare routine. However, I believe that face cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare, and without it, the entire routine is futile. Invest in a good cleanser that effectively removes product build-up and make-up. Cleansing your face before you go to bed is a habit everyone should follow. Another crucial step is incorporating a day cream with filters and potent ingredients into your routine. This does the job of providing targeted treatment for specific skincare concerns.

ELLE: The skincare industry has changed a lot over the years. What are your thoughts on its evolution?

Dr IE: I feel so privileged to have seen this industry change for the better in front of my eyes. When I created this brand, I wanted to prioritise science-backed formulations created by pharmacists and cosmetic professionals. Since then, I’ve seen the skincare industry consistently grow in terms of advancements and technology. The possibilities of formulating products with newer ingredients have increased so much that it’s allowed me to give my consumers exactly what they’re looking for.

ELLE: What is the biggest skincare myth you’ve seen people believe in?

Dr IE: This may be a controversial one, but I do believe that ‘natural’ when it comes to skincare products isn’t always the healthiest for your skin. A lot of the time, certain ingredients and oils tend to irritate your skin and cause it to purge, a temporary reaction to components of products that result in pimples.

ELLE: What are your plans for the Indian market?

Dr IE: I’m certain that our initial line of products will be well received, and I can’t wait to launch my whole collection of beauty products here.

Read the full story on ELLE India’s new issue, or download your digital copy via Magzter. 

- Beauty Writer


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