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If you’re a lover of all things beauty, like me, you know Ulta. It’s where I go to live out my beauty dreams. I click through the sections of the website, longingly staring at glossy, shiny products that I one day want to own. A lot of these products happen to be skincare and one brand that particularly caught my attention was Murad. Now the brand is in India and available on Nykaa.

What I love about the brand is that it brings together chemistry and skincare. The brand is more than three decades old. Back in 1989, Dr. Murad launched Murad Inc. He was clearly doing something right in his endeavour to bring together science and skincare because he got his first patent in 1998. And that was just the beginning. He got 18 patents after that. Being the science person he is, innovation was central to the brand. He introduced the Cellular Water Principle theory -about the function of cellular hydration in skincare and Cultural Stress- the day to day stress of modern living- this redefined the brand’s social purpose.

I read this and I was inspired. So I sat down for a quick chat with Dr. Murad to get his opinion on all things skincare and also, I fangirled.

Murad Skincare

ELLE: You’ve many products that have now achieved cult status. Which ones are the ones you can’t believe more people don’t know about?

Dr. Murad: If I had to brag about a product, it would be our Environmental Shield City Skin Age Defense SPF 50. Sunscreen is essential to healthy, protected skin, but this SPF goes above and beyond. UV light isn’t the only light that causes skin damage and visible signs of aging. Blue light from excessive screen time can also take its toll. That’s why we developed our ultra-light, 100% mineral sunscreen that shields your skin against multiple types of light damage—whether indoor blue light from screens or outdoor UVA and UVB. Formula absorbs quickly with no ashy residue and leaves a luminous, pearlized finish on the skin. Safe for sensitive skin and fragrance-free.

ELLE: Do you believe in the power of reviews?

Dr. Murad: Absolutely. Reviews build trust amongst consumers – they’re positive affirmations when you’re deciding whether to try something or not. Word of mouth goes a long way – if a friend recommends a product to you, odds are you’re going to try it.

Dr. Howard Murad - Standing Portrait NEW

ELLE: What are some of the skincare rules you swear by?

Dr. Murad: The real rule is skincare is healthcare – taking care of every cell in your body. I call them the four pillars of wellness: eating your water, awakening your body, being kind to your mind and nourishing your skin. All are essential, and of course, reduce your stress. When we’re stressed, we’re likely dehydrated and dehydration leads to accelerated aging.

ELLE: The focus is on skincare right now. What have you seen people doing wrong?

Dr. Murad: I’m seeing two extremes right now:
1. The person who doesn’t do anything – just washes their face with soap.
2. Then there’s the person that does too much and is over-processing their skin.
You have to find the balance for your own skin.

ELLE: How much of skincare is science and how much is intuition?

Dr. Murad: For Murad, I would say it’s about 75% science and 25% intuition.

ELLE: What is your number one skincare secret that no one talks about?

Dr. Murad: The importance of internal skincare. Every single cell is connected in our body. We can’t treat just one aspect or area, we have to care for the whole thing, inside and out.


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