Draupadi Is Fashionably Transforming Excess Sari Waste. This Is An Eco-friendly Label With A Cause

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Well, we do want to save the planet but paying a premium for greenwashing doesn’t seem fair! 

Draupadi, an indigenous label, founded by a creatively driven first-generation woman entrepreneur from Mathura, Priyanka Arora, transforms excess sari material into bold bags and accessories. 

PS The quality and pricing is a true delight! 

How Is Draupadi Different?

You must have heard of brands upcycling saris before. But then, how is Draupadi any different? Well, most brands out there are doing a wonderful job of upcycling old saris into contemporary clothing items, bags and accessories. However, we’re pretty much oblivious to the amount of material waste generated in the process of making saris. 

In the general run, more than 15% of the fabric used is chopped off, discarded and mostly, wasted. Now these excess waste materials take up to 200 years to decompose into the landfills, not without releasing damaging substances into the soil and water. Even the most biodegradable fabrics (100% pure) take up months to decompose entirely. 

Draupadi, the label, makes use of these excess sari material wastes to create statement pieces that genuinely enhances the personality of the buyer. The founder, Priyanka’s vision of the brand is to reduce the carbon footprint (the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by the saris throughout the process) of the sari industry by volumes. 


When we came across the brand, we found out that, founded in 2021, Draupadi has already shipped more than a thousand pieces across India and a few in the international markets. The top-drawer quality of these bags at the delighting price point at which the customers are getting them is surprising!  

Priyanka is an ardent advocate of sustainability and she strongly believes that one shouldn’t pay a hefty price for making eco-friendly choices. What we adored much is that instead of onboarding the greenwashing trend, Draupadi, as a label, is articulately advocating for sustainability through actions. 

The name of the brand is further, an icing on the cake. It is unique, thoughtful, and well-conceived and exudes an unwavering personality of the brand in this cluttered market. Besides, the creativity and authenticity of Indian fabric-work is well accentuated in the bold bags and accessories by Draupadi. 


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The label makes a place of its own that extends way beyond fast fashion. Its pieces are the preference of women with a knack for adding statement pieces to their wardrobes that aren’t mass produced. The finely built creations of Draupadi are being well-perceived as each piece exudes a truly distinguishable identity which is far away from instantaneously changing fast fashion items available in the market.

What’s most delightful is that the label makes it a point that each of their finished pieces are one-hundred per cent upcycled. They keep the tastes and preferences of their ideal customers in mind while designing the pieces which ensures zero slips on the fashion slant. 

Mark your style of sustainability @bagsbydraupadi . 

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