A Practical Guide To Dressing For Concerts In India Minus The Tassel Overdose & Coachella Inspired Jazz


Grab your corniest band tees folks, it’s raining concerts in India. With Lollapalooza being slated for the end of January alongside Post Malone & Russ’ recent power packed performances, it’s of note how India is now finally on the radar of big international artists & performers.

While Coachella & Woodstock, aka the crème de la crème of festivals have continually inspired the concert hopping crowd sartorially, us Indians being relatively newer to the circuit need something more. Cowboy hats & iridescent jackets are sure cool, given you’re at a ranch at Texas. But that’s not the case here. So, let’s look at dressing for concerts through a more pragmatic lens, minus the ostentatious and impractical jazz.

1. Weather Appropriate Layering

It’s surprisingly chilly for Mumbai at this point in time, hence we suggest layering appropriately. It’s plausible that you may want to steer clear from granny-core (unless that’s your vibe), so opt for printed bombers, cropped blazers or shrugs. Pro tip: play with hemline lengths to avoid looking like a school kid.

2. Skin Hued Tights Under Stockings

Sheer show is never a no show. We love a good knee and thigh moment, but that being said, you don’t want your teeth clattering (unless you’re from Delhi and in that case, you win). Thin flesh coloured tights under the stockings are a blessing in disguise and you’ll come to thank us later. And if you’re up for some experimenting, maybe try pantyhose in colours of red, candy pink or blue.

3. Co-ords Are Your Confidants

Co-ord sets are invariably tied to a multitude of events given the scope to experiment. Parties? Yes. Dates? Yes. And for concerts, you can go with a laid-back and mildly sporty vibe. Maybe a little sexier too, given you want to take the oomph up a notch. PS: Knitted sets are criminally underrated, cop those ones while you can.

4. Casual Athleisure Is Always In

Spotlight on this Billie Eilish approved trend–a mélange of comfort nestled in hip-hop inspired fashion, these oversized biggies hit the spot just right. They can be solid, printed or even deconstructed, sky’s the limit. Stay true to the ethos by going the sneaker way with this one.

5. Some Sleeve Action

Cheers to our volume inducing, shoulder baring and cutout adorned sleeves. Building your outfit’s focal point is easy when you’ve got some action going at the upper quadrant. This leaves room to pair comfortable bottoms below because rest assured, there will be running, pushing and some piggybacking at the venue. Concerts are fun, truly.

6. Crossbody Bags

It’s going to be a crowd. A huge one. So even though you may want to flex you arthouse tote bags (one’s with the band’s most esoteric lyric), let the swarm of concert goers serve as a reminder to not. Go for the small crossbody messengers that can be slinged sideways. Additives like pompoms and brooches are always fun.

7. In Defense Of Band Tees

Hot Take: band tees are cool. They always have been. No slander shall be tolerated. Whether it’s the Imagine Dragons, The Strokes or The Wombats who convinced you to blow a substantial chunk of your paycheck for the tickets, cheer on with the corniest tees you’ve got. Fashion police approves.

8. These Boots Are Made For Walking

Knee high boots are synonymous with concert-core. And the fact that they’re fabulously chic definitely doesn’t hurt. Be it velvet, leather or suede, pair the bad boys with skirts, skorts or shorts et voilà.

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