EBW 2022 Recap: A Weekend That Saw The Best Of Beauty

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Each year the ELLE Beauty Weekender brings together the best of beauty experts, beauty brands, wellness gurus and of course, beauty enthusiasts eager to receive an enriching beauty experience. This year, the EBW 2022 took place on October 1 & 2, at the DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj. Beauty brands, hoping to get a taste of a physical presence in Delhi, set up shop for two days. Displaying their products, offering experientials and interacting with people at their booths, the weekend was filled with unfettered shopping sprees and beauty talk. We also had top industry experts come in for sessions curated for beauty lovers hoping to learn from the best. Owing to a great turn out and incredible range of products presented by the brands, the weekender was a huge success. Here’s what went down at the brand booths!

1. Nish Hair

EBW2022 Nish Hair

Nish hair showed up with high energy and good vibes. And given the amount of people lining up at their booth to try hair toppers, the high energy was needed indeed. Founder Parul Gulati personally gave consultations to people, piquing people’s interest in hair extensions even further. We spotted more than a couple of happy customers walking away with their own Nish Hair purchase, recommended by Parul herself.

2. Type Beauty

EBW2022 Type Beauty

It’s always a treat to learn the journey of a homegrown beauty brand, especially a passion project like Type Beauty. A remedial makeup brand that infuses their range with skincare actives, Type’s presence at the EBW 2022 was especially exciting for beauty lovers. Combining skincare education with quality makeup range, Type made their presence known and how!

3. Typsy Beauty

EBW2022 Typsy Beauty

Typsy brought the party to EBW 2022 without breaking a sweat. Their range of glitzy shadows and pigmented kohls sold like hot cakes. With an affordable price point and a vibe that matches Gen Z energy, Typsy kept brought their A-game at the booth.

4. Aminu

EBW2022 Aminu

A homegrown brand that prides itself on its exceptional formulations, Aminu bonded with beauty enthusiasts over mutual love for clean and sustainable beauty. Educating the patrons on their mission, the brand championed conscious consumption at the EBW 2022.

5. Shankara Naturals

EBW2022 Shankara Naturals

Offering a visual and sensorial experience to the patrons visiting the ELLE Beauty Weekender area, Shankara Naturals brought the luxe factor.

6. Tint Cosmetics

EBW2022 Tint Cosmetics

A makeup brand as cool as its founder, Tint Cosmetics has come a long way from being a few experiments in their founder’s kitchen floor. The clean makeup products, that also come with skincare infused in them, delighted patrons with its diverse range and cute packaging!

7. Avon

EBW2022 Avon

Makeup brand Avon added a touch of consciousness with their presence at EBW 2022. Sharing pamphlets about breast cancer awareness while giving makeovers, the Avon booth offered a wholesome experience.

8. Bath And Body Works

EBW2022 Bath And Body Works

We might have seen more than a couple of people hopping into their bathtub in the middle of the mall at the Bath & Body Works booth. Offering their deliciously-scented body care products, we surely made a bee line to their fragrant booth!

9. Kiro Cosmetics

EBW2022 Kiro Cosmetics

Combining quality makeup with a mission to make makeup more accessible and easy-to-use, Kiro kept their presence at the EBW 2022 educational. Patrons also got to experience their brand new range of skincare essentials that can be worn under makeup and enhance its look and finish.

10. Paradyes

Bringing their fabulous range of semi-permanent colours to the scene, Paradyes championed bleach-positivity at the EBW 2022. They also educated patrons on how to safe lighten hair and experiment with quirky colours.

11. The Body Shop

The popular bath and body care brand brought their bestsellers for everybody to experience and take home with!

12. RAS Luxury Oils

Yet another sensorial stop that mall-goers couldn’t resist, RAS Luxury Oils presented their fragrant faves at the booth.

13. Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm

Celebrity-led beauty brand Manish Malhotra Beauty by MyGlamm stayed true to its name and indeed presented their most glamorous essentials for everyone to experience.

14. Kimirica

Homegrown, clean beauty brand Kimirica presented their adorable range of beauty products. Their beautiful, floral booth made for an essential stop for patrons all weekend.

15. Gush Beauty

Showing off their incredible range of multi-purpose products, Gush Beauty’s colour-pop booth was a highlight of the EBW 2022 floor!

16. Kama Ayurveda

Celebrating 20 years of quality skincare, Kama Ayurveda delighted customers with their range of quality skincare and hair care range.

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