Electronic Music Meditation: A Playlist That Helps Calm Your Mind When Nothing Else Works

Electronic music meditation

It’s obvious from the name that Electronic Music Meditation isn’t your regular meditation technique that requires you to centre your thoughts. If you’ve tried concentrating on a candle flame, counting down and practically everything else in the ‘meditation for dummies’ book, Electronic Music Meditation might be just the thing for you. House music and techno might not be your go to for meditation, but these tracks will change your mind. The steady, rhythmic beat can serve as a guide, and the lack of lyrics can greatly increase focus. Try these Electronic Music Mediation tracks to explore it. 

1. Lone Machine – Yotto 

Otto Yliperttula, professionally known by his stage name Yotto, is a renowned DJ and music Producer from Finland. The Lone machine is a track that he considers an experimental one, it was something new from his usual sets. He gave it a try and and the result was both cerebral and personal. Perfect for after a long day. 

2. Sine waves – Martin Roth And Tom Ashbrook 

The shortest album of just two songs made in collaboration with neo-classical pianist and producer, Tom Ashbrook, Sine Waves offers an immersive experience. This can help calm the mind down, the rhythm providing the much-needed respite from the constant overthinking. 

3. Psychic Sweeping – Patricia Wolf 

The shortest songs you will come across in this list is the one played by Patricia Wolf from the album – See Through. At 1:15,  this is short but holds enough potential to have your nerves soothed and to feel like the day’s worries have floated away. 

4. Symmetry Systems (Porcelain) – Dennis Huddleston AKA 36 

With an aim to pay a tribute to the past as well as to create a record breaking history, Dennis Huddleston AKA 36, composed a track that looks forward and looks fondly at the past. It evokes a healthy dose of optimism, something we could all use. 

5. Aural Illusion – Sound EGO 

Mellow and engaging, this is a track that is the kind of unwinding melody that could be a great close to the day. Switch this one and switch off from the day.

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