ELLE Beauty Chat: In Conversation with Jacques Cavallier on the Art of Perfumery and Bvlgari’s latest addition


The Singaporean sun blazed high in the sky, casting golden reflections on the tranquil, azure waves lapping at the shore. At the heart of this tropical paradise, a beach club provided the perfect escape from the city’s bustle. The salty tang of the sea mingled with the warm, gentle breeze, as the rhythmic hum of cicadas set a calming soundtrack. It’s a scene that embodies the quintessential tropical vacation, a brief respite from the every day, transporting us to a state of bliss and relaxation.

As we long to capture these moments of sun-kissed serenity or reside in this haven forever, we begrudgingly have to return to our real lives and work. But, Bvlgari’s new fragrance, Allegra Chill & Sole, promises to transport us back to these sun-drenched shores, no Cavallier, the master perfumer behind Bvlgari’sthe launch of this brand-new addition amid this picturesque setting, we also met Jacques Cavallier, the master perfumer behind Bvlgari’s latest olfactory marvel.


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Jacques Cavallier grew up surrounded by the jasmine fields in Grasse, where his earliest memory is of culling blossoms at 5 am. Known for drawing inspiration from his travels, encounters, and everyday life, Jacques infuses his creations with profound emotion. His Mediterranean culinary skills reflect his ability to convey deep emotions with simplicity, a philosophy that also guides his perfumery.

ELLE: Why do you think perfume becomes such a strong sense of identity for people?

Jacques Cavallier (JC): It has always been that way. Perfume art began with religions; the first perfumes were created not for beauty, but to communicate with Gods. Quickly, it became a beauty weapon, especially in Arab cultures. For both men and women, perfume can be a tool for seduction, revealing a secret part of your personality.

ELLE: So, it’s like a secret language?

JC: Exactly. Perfume is very abstract. You can’t see it, but when you wear it, it becomes a part of you. Once you’re out, your spirit lingers through the scent.

ELLE: For those new to finding their fragrance, how do you suggest they go about it?

JC: Take time to do it. Try it on your skin, on the back of your hand. You have to live with the perfume, and let it come back to you throughout the day. You’ll know by heart if it’s right for you.

ELLE: Can you recall a particularly memorable scent?

JC: Rose, from my childhood. My mother used to apply rose water on my face every morning. In this collection, we have a magnifying rose and a Fiori D’amore, which is also a rose. It’s a magnificent, intricate scent with deep personal significance.

ELLE: How do the different elements of a scent reveal themselves throughout the day?

JC: A good perfume reveals its personality at the beginning and grows bigger throughout the day. Bad perfumes feel disjointed. The first impression is crucial– you should immediately feel a connection with the scent.

ELLE: How do you transform inspiration into a finished product?

JC: The process involves capturing experiences and putting them into a bottle. For Chill & Sole, I started with memories of orange flowers by the sea. It’s simple yet profound – simplicity is the key to success.

ELLE: What’s unique about Chill & Sole?

JC: It’s inspired by the perfect Italian summer, with notes of neroli, citrus, and orange blossom that evoke a sense of being present in the moment. It’s a vibrant, fresh scent that captures the essence of Mediterranean nature.

Chill & Sole

ELLE: What about the Magnifying Essences? How do they enhance the fragrances?

JC: The Magnifying Essences are designed to match and exalt all the Eau de Parfums in the collection, allowing for a bespoke scent. For instance, combining Chill & Sole with the Magnifying Sandalwood adds a creamy, weighty element to the fragrance.

ELLE: Any final thoughts on the new collection?

JC: Chill & Sole is truly a winner. It’s a fantastic idea that offers a new way to express one’s innermost feelings through fragrance. It’s been a pleasure sharing this journey.

As our conversation ended, the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the beach. The scent of Bvlgari Allegra Chill & Sole lingered in the air, a perfect blend of nature and artistry, capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean and inviting us all to embark on our olfactory journey.

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