ELLE Carnival: Kingdom of White Brings The Best Of Crisp White Shirts

Kingdom of white

The ELLE Carnival at the Phoenix Palladium on the weekend of March 18th and 19th, 2023, was an event for the books. It was a two-day extravaganza featuring the best in fashion and lifestyle, topped by fabulous events and groovy live music. The event saw Bombay’s stylish crowd congregate at the Phoenix Palladium for two days of shopping and jamboree.

Blurring the distinction between labour and recreation, audiences browsed through The Kingdom of White’s  contemporary silhouettes that are both flattering and elevated. Crisp and white and crafted from high-quality materials, these are elevated basics for the modern man. The clothes are designed for the multifaceted man, from business to informal hangouts, travel, celebrations, and festive events, the shirts are made from premium fabrics such as Giza cotton and premium linen. With great attention to detail, variations in collar designs, and a variety of plackets, the outfits proved to be a customer favourite.

The collections included colourful details and entertaining patterns, as well as unusual styles like their clients’ favourites, the hooded kurta and zip-up shirt. The brand represents each individual’s uniqueness, ingenuity, and inventiveness. The designs, all in spotless white, reflect the emphasis on symmetry, simplicity, and flowing aesthetics.

Why white, you may wonder? For the creators, white is a flexible hue that can be used for anything—it is smart in a party area and stylish in a workstation. White suits may be worn in a variety of ways, including athletic, funky, old-school, and new-age. The colour palette’s simplicity and refinement, along with the effortlessly elegant shapes, made for wardrobe mainstays for anybody searching for upmarket additions to their closet.

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