ELLE Carnival Partner: Be Spoilt For Choice With Rivona Naturals’ Range Of Self-Care Products

Finding time for oneself in a world that never stops is hard, especially regarding self-care. Here to simplify your self-care routines with carefully curated collections, Rivona Naturals comes with a range of grooming products imbibed with the goodness of fresh, natural ingredients. The brand aims to encourage individuals to embrace and express their inner voices, empowering them to take the first step toward authentic self-expression. 

With Rivona Naturals’ carefully chosen line of hair, skincare, lip care and bath products, self-care has never been simpler. Luscious locks are no longer a dream with its haircare range imbibed with the goodness of natural ingredients. Discover rejuvenating scents like the Recollection and Versatile collections. Hydrate your lips with gentle lip care, and dive into their line of decadent bath products. With each usage, Rivona Naturals encourages you to adopt a comprehensive approach to self-care, improving your overall well-being.

An essential part of your grooming cabinet includes a great scent, but a good scent is not just about its smell but also how it makes you feel, what emotions it evokes, and the memories it conjures up. Selecting the right fragrance involves finding a fragrance that aligns with your personality, style, and image. Designed after multiple surveys and research of individual personalities, Rivona has introduced a range of IFRA-approved fragrances to complete your ritual with resonance. 

With essential best-sellers for a radiant you, Rivona Naturals invites you to embark on a luxurious self-care adventure. Savour the vivid Pink Cream, protect yourself with the Mineral Sunscreen and hydrate with the Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner. The Ultimate Skincare Gift Set, Vitamin C Serum, and Lip Balm Duo will improve your skincare game. Take a breather with the Honey & Saffron Face Wash and indulge in the alluring scents of Rivona. 

There isn’t just one way to be perfect, Rivona seeks to celebrate your loved one’s many moods with a range of perfumes all-encompassed in stylish gift sets. Rivona’s method of sourcing ingredients has a dedication to simplicity. With formulations focusing on natural components, utilising plant-based derivatives, essential oils, and botanical extracts to provide powerful yet delicate solutions. Devoid of unneeded additives, fake perfumes, and dangerous ingredients, there is a simple focus on enhancing your skin’s ability to heal, protect, and glow.  For those looking to rid themselves of a 9-step beauty routine, Rivona Naturals is here to save the day with skincare that heals and grooming products that leave an impression. 

Gather around once more, the fete for all things fun and fashion is returning to town! ELLE Carnival is returning to Mumbai on February 24 and 25 with the best of lifestyle and the hottest of trends, following an incredible September run. Indulge in the two-day celebration featuring the best names in fashion and leisure, courtesy of Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai.

Presenting Sponsor: Phoenix Palladium

Gifting Partners: Kicky & Perky and Keune

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