ELLE Carnival Partner: Kicky And Perky Brings Timelessness And Eclectic Style To Silver Jewellery

Kicky and Perky

For the discerning yet stylish who want to bedazzle, Kicky and Perky provides eclectic, finely crafted silver jewellery. Reinterpreting the world of jewellery, the label elevates the art silversmithing from an afterthought. Kicky and Perky treasures craftsmanship, the house’s opulent, hallmarked 925 silver pieces are affordable luxury personified.

The label takes to heart sustainability, in pieces encrusted with gems like ethically sourced maisonette and other precious and semi-precious stones. A persistent dedication to fusing artisanal quality with environmental stewardship turned the label into a powerhouse of handcrafted silver jewellery. A commitment to hand craftsmanship allows them to innovate while preserving age-old methods, resulting in pieces that not only astonish but also convey a tale of sustainable beauty. By educating the market on the intrinsic worth and adaptability of silver, Kicky and Perky hopes to elevate its standing as a mainstay of luxury goods in addition to captivating clientele with intricate statement pieces.

Advocating for a change towards more responsible luxury, Kicky and Perky acts as a wake-up call to the conscientious customer. Incorporating eco-friendly procedures and ethical sourcing into core operations, the house does it all without sacrificing luxury and elegant flair. Pieces like the Enchanted Floral Bow earrings are the perfect combination of playfully eccentric yet stylishly stunning. From minimal pieces for day to day style, to ethnic jewellery in subtle hues, Kicky and Perky has it all.

Exceptional craftsmanship, unique designs, and a steadfast dedication to environmental preservation all come together in the eye-grabbing pieces from the house, enabling the wearer to be the life of the party while being a responsible shopper. Crafted with brilliant Maisonette Diamonds and the natural allure of semi-precious stones, every piece is set in 100% Hallmarked 925 sterling silver. Quality and ethical sourcing are taken seriously at Kicky and Perky.

Providing an unmatched collection of exquisite, sustainably created pieces, Kicky and Perky seeks to inspire with elegance and motivate with craft, drawing viewers into a realm where fine jewellery and environmental responsibility can coexist. With Kicky and Perky’s whimsical pieces that are as thoughtful as they are exquisite, a dreamy joyride awaits.

Gather around once more, the fete for all things fun and fashion is returning to town! ELLE Carnival is returning to Mumbai on February 24 and 25 with the best of lifestyle and the hottest of trends, following an incredible September run. Indulge in the two-day celebration featuring the best names in fashion and leisure, courtesy of Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai.

Presenting Sponsor: Phoenix Palladium

Gifting Partner: Kicky & Perky and Keune

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