ELLE Carnival Partner: Wearified Brings Beauty To All

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Gather around! It’s time to indulge in the best of fashion, beauty and all things fabulous. ELLE Carnival 2023 is here. This is a two-day extravaganza in association with the Phoenix Palladium on March 18 and 19, 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready to fill your day with great company, music, fashion, beauty, and food. Luxury brands and designer labels, it’s all here. Stock up on your beauty vanity, refresh your wardrobe. See you there.

This thriving vegan makeup brand was founded by first-generation blogger and long-time content creator Aanam Chashmawala in 2021. The latter began her career in 2011 and is loved for her dependable reviews and girl-next-door approach to her content, captivating audiences across the country. Founded on the ethos of beauty for all, with the goal of ‘democratizing beauty,’ Wearified wants to liberate it from its alienating standards. 

Entering a highly saturated beauty market, an unwavering commitment to customers first is what distinguishes the brand. A decade of experience in branding, years of listening to her audience, and collaborating with other brands as a beauty content creator shaped Aanam’s creative philosophy for Wearified. It enabled her to find the gaps that a new brand with Indian-specific formulas could fill.

Launched in 2021, with development and testing since 2017, Wearified boasts of an intense research-based approach focused on the needs of Indian women. Their products enable rather than adhere to any so-called beauty standards.

A must-have is their gift boxes that include their best-selling goodies, including the Wearified Soft Focus Buildable Blushes, Golden Hour Glow Highlighters, and, their flagship product, the Butter To Matte Longwear Lipstick. Each of their kits has been carefully handpicked so that the colors complement each other well and produce the ideal combo!

Their signature perfume, June deserves a place in every cabinet- a lovely, feminine scent that exudes a fresh floral and feminine personality thanks to its well-balanced ingredients.

They are always developing new and more innovative product lines with each launch. Wearified’s mission is to make people feel good rather than just look good by offering products that are both luxurious and affordable. 

To begin, she hopes to fill the gaps that still exist in the beauty industry. She wishes to listen to her audience and respond to their needs and desires. Wearified is an inclusive brand with a community-powered core, one in which everyone is welcome, with no exceptions.

Currently, the brand is working on more products, and its philosophy of providing luxurious beauty experiences at affordable prices remains unchanged.

Mark your calendars for the Mumbai edition of ELLE Carnival 2023 in association with Phoenix Palladium on March 18–19. Catch wearified at the two-day fiesta while enjoying everything fashion, beauty, and food!

Watch this space for more!

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