ELLE Closet Confidential: Sabrina Bahsoon AKA Tube Girl Walks Us Through Her Eclectic Wardrobe

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Meet Sabrina Bahsoon, aka “Tube Girl,” the enigmatic fashion maven who exudes the confidence we all aspire to have. The Tube Girl trend began with Bahsoon, one of this year’s TikTok stars. The 23-year-old trendsetting phenomenon filmed her first video on the Central Line in August as her dancing alter ego. Who knew that she would become a TikTok sensation with over 8,00,000 followers and 28 million likes by the end of the year? Fans all across the world have since embraced the trend, including Troye Sivan. And I, for one, am thrilled to see individuals dancing without inhibition.

Known by many aliases, multi-talented Bahsoon is a licenced legal wizard who is shattering stereotypes within her family as an innovative trailblazer. “My first step to being myself was to portray that through my style.” Think about the collision between style statements and legalese.

Fun fact for the bashful girls club: Bahsoon admits that, in contrast to her exuberant online persona, she is actually far more reserved in person and would much rather wait for strangers to approach her and say hello. And honestly, same.

Nevertheless, watching someone emerge from their shell and embrace their inner protagonist always makes me happy.

The Styling Adventures Of Sabrina

Though many people think that Bahsoon has adopted a London-specific look, the fact that she was raised in Malaysia greatly influences her fashion sense.

The real fun started when Sabrina moved to the UK for university. Having grown up with sisters, Sabrina finally experienced the sweet freedom of choosing her clothes (anyone who has siblings will relate to this) and bid adieu to the days of living in her uniform of jeans and a T-shirt.

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“Everything you buy in an Asian household has to be approved by your mother. I finally got to curate my style during the pandemic when I started ordering pieces I liked and seeing what I identified with.”

A true reflection of her Scorpio water sign nature, her style evolved to echo the essence of mermaid sirens and island vibes.

Aesthetic Genesis

The model’s childhood was filled with impromptu fashion shows and cheeky wardrobe raids—the typical chaos of growing up in a household with three sisters.

And there is the veritable gold mine of hand-me-downs, an enduring sibling custom. She laughs mischievously, her doe eyes twinkling. “I was more of a sports girl in my personal life, but I always found fashion interesting.”

sabrina bahsson

The silver screen fueled the early fashion fantasies of Bahsoon. She started drawing inspiration for her wardrobe from Mamma Mia and Moulin Rouge. Her style inspiration came from the latter’s lavish burlesque outfits and distinctive flair. And then came The Devil Wears Prada, a classic that introduced Sabrina to high fashion.

Layering Wizardry

In Bahsoon’s fashion playbook, confidence takes centre stage. She says boldly, “I think my biggest priority is to make sure that I look like the main character.” Much to your surprise, and perhaps mine, neutral tones dominate Bahsoon’s colour palette, in contrast to the vibrant hues often associated with her style as portrayed on social media.

sabrina bahsoon

“I don’t think it’s a trend for me. These days, low-rise flared jeans are practically a wardrobe staple for me,” she affirms. Along with the traditional long-sleeve shirts that reach her fingertips, Mirror Palais is her favourite brand.

“As far as trends go, the most recent one I engaged in was the exposed thong moment, which is when you bare a little of your underwear. I think that’s cute.”

Sabrina is still changing her seasonal wardrobe, just like the majority of us. “The biggest styling tip I could give anyone is to be able to layer clothes,” she says, sharing her layering secrets. “If you have a cohesive wardrobe, you can put clothes together and make it look like a completely different outfit.”

Despite the changes and evolution in her design philosophy, sustainability remains a priority for her. “I want to make as many outfits as I can out of all the clothes I have been given,” emulating a conscientious approach to style entwined with her love of thrifting.

Staying True To Her Roots

Hailing from Malaysia, where navigating hot and humid weather is an art form, comfort is paramount in her wardrobe. The outcome is a combination of attire that honours traditional clothing patterns and subtly displays some skin.

Her favourite patterns are circular ones, especially swirls, and the most prominent pattern in her wardrobe is batik. “I think that’s what I look for in a lot of my pieces. Unintentionally as well.”

Her artistic sensibilities are captured by the elaborate designs of Batik, whether they are adorning shirts, bags, scarves, crop tops, or sarongs. But there is more. Sabrina’s favourite item in her wardrobe is the kebaya, a treasured component of Malaysian culture. “I usually gravitate towards things that cinch in my waist and have a broad shoulder,” she says. 

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Bags

“I am a gold girl, but lately, I have been diving into more silver territory, thanks to my mom’s green, pink, and milky white pendants,” the model says of her accessory collection. Along with an enticing Evil Eye necklace, they have recently become favourites.

One particularly sentimental item among the treasure trove of treasured heirlooms is a heart-shaped pendant that her grandmother gave her, engraved with her initials and a musical symbol. Sabrina shares the story. “All of us got one, but she made mine a little different. I’m super lucky because my mom and my grandma are like material girls, for real. They handed me so many bags,” she beams.

sabrina bahsoon

“My sisters are already on it and say this is everybody’s size,” ensuring that the love for bags remains a shared family affair.

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