ELLE Partner Feature: The Many Shades Of Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh

“For me, life isn’t just about work; it is about finding joy in the little things that bring me happiness,” confesses Rakul Preet Singh with her signature, high-wattage smile, her sexy collarbones in full glow as she slips into a conversation. It has been a fabulous run in the film industry for the actor, who has made her mark through unique and sensitive performances in box office spinners including Aiyyari, De De Pyar De, Ayalaan, I Love You. Add to that her lithe frame, dewy skin and glowing complexion that make her an Insta catnip for the paparazzi.

On Rakulpreet: The Gold Alizeh jacket by Mahima Mahajan

Rakul Preet Singh’s stylish sartorial sense makes her the subject of fervent attention. “I believe style reflects your own personality and creativity,” she says. “Sharp dressing is about styling your look for different occasions in keeping with your personal sensibilities. I love experimenting with fashion, pushing boundaries with elegance and panache. Honestly, I do have a fabulous team to back me up,” she confesses. As a movie star, Rakul is on point, all the time. Cool, calm, composed, and a born natural in front of the camera.

On Rakulpreet Embellished Corset Anarkali by Mahima Mahajan 

How does she maintain her self-care regimen amidst the manic pace of work? “Finding that balance is just so crucial,” she says. “Disengaging from work to reconnect with myself is simply therapeutic. It is something that I do every now and then. I binge on movies, spend time with my family, jog in the sunshine, catch up with friends… It recharges me completely.”  It is a cocktail of adventure and relaxation that makes her happy. For Rakul Preet Singh, happiness is a natural halo.

It is a run of natural, soothing colours through her wardrobe. “My palette reflects my mood. Some days see me in beige, white and creamy tones. Black spells sheer magic for me, it glamorises my appearance instantly, especially in the evenings. It is an all-time favourite,” she shares. “I enjoy exploring the colours and finding the perfect balance between vibrant hues and classic neutrals.” Any essentials in her vanity caddy? “My lifesaver picks are a lip balm and a hand cream – they pep me up completely. Honestly, these essentials are like my trusted companions, ensuring that I have everything I need to tackle whatever challenges come my way,” she retorts.

On Rakulpreet Embellished bralette and high waisted skirt set by Mahima Mahajan

Rakul Preet Singh is on a high – Up next are two plum projects ready to unspool on the silver screen. “Classic love stories court my love. Tales that stir romance in hearts, and period dramas that take audiences to another world through storytelling and historical settings…the lure of portraying characters from different eras and cultures excites me as an artiste,” she says. For all those who aspire to be in her shoes, her pearls of wisdom flow in strong. “I feel maintaining a strong mindset is extremely important in today’s social media-driven world, where everyone’s opinion is readily accessible. While it is natural to feel affected initially by criticism or negativity, at the same time it is also crucial to develop resilience over time. Ultimately, we have control over how much we let external influences impact us.

On Rakulpreet Watercolor ruched Lehenga set by Mahima Mahajan

I firmly believe in staying true to oneself, focusing on our work, and relying on a solid support system of family and friends. Brush aside negativity and stay focussed on your goals and aspirations.” Prod Rakul Preet Singh for her biggest learning and she replies instantly, “I pour my heart and soul into every project I take up, so it is natural for me to feel passionate and excited about all of them. Each opportunity that allows me to bring characters to life on screen is a unique and fulfilling experience.” 

Credits: Concept and styling – Mahima Mahajan, Photographer – Ajay Kadam, Cover Design: Saakshi Badani, Videographer RK Filmz, Makeup – Salim Sayed, Hair Aliya Shaik, Jewellery – Emerald Jewels, Shobha Shringar

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