Vijay Varma On Putting His Best Foot Forward

Vijay Varma

With Vijay Verma, you can always expect the unexpected. The actor gets into the skin of his character and makes it his own. While this helps him ace the acting game, audiences, he feels, tend to carry the hate towards his on-screen portrayals into real life. “The audience does get brutal because of the characters I play, but I believe that’s also the mark of a job well done,” shares Vijay, whose recent OTT success, Jaane Jaan, is getting him attention for all the right reasons.

Vijay Varma keeps it cool, casual and classy with Birkenstock’s Arizona Oiled Nubuck Leather Sandals. Crop double layer boxy jacket paired with mono layered pants by Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna. Necklace by Shop Lune

And while his acting prowess has earned him quite the following, he’s also being discussed in fashion circles for his sartorial choices. He admits that streetwear is his vibe but says that he loves dipping his toes in gender neutral and fluid garments.

Versatile and comfortable, Vijay Varma looks dapper in Birkenstock’s Stalon Nubuck Leather Shoes. Ombre reflective Kimono Jacket by Bloni with BB Striped Denim in Charcoal Grey by Crepdog Crew, Natty Garb. Jewellery by Hermes.

Whether it’s for the promotion of his recent projects or his routine public appearances, he doesn’t shy away from experimenting –from metallics to classic whites, his sense of styling is eclectic, to say the least. “A lot of stuff that you see out there is (just) me. I make sure that I put my best foot forward,” says Vijay, while reminiscing about his first shoot with ELLE India. “For that photoshoot, my stylist sourced clothes from the women’s section, and the pictures were fabulous. I think I have always been comfortable to experiment, especially with gender-neutral styling,” he adds.

Vijay Varma prioritises comfort whilst tapping into fashion’s contemporary pulse with Birkenstock’s Boston Suede Leather pair. Washed Denim Suit with Viraj Khanna embroidered artwork patch from Anamika Khanna. Necklace by Hermes

Vijay Varma defines his love for fashion as fluid, versatile, and something that appears in phases. The actor reveals that he is an avid shopper and is currently obsessed with shopping for watches. “I used to go out and shop for hours, but now it’s difficult to do that, and so, I resort to online shopping,” he says. “I keep buying stuff; there was a sneaker phase for two years, then I shifted to jewellery for a long period of time. Now, I’m gradually moving to the watch phase,” he adds, describing his recent trip to Melbourne, where he went to every possible store to check out their watch collection. 

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